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100 Lovebots take to the streets of Toronto

Posted by Sarah Ratchford / August 12, 2013

LovebotTwo Toronto dudes are taking it upon themselves to remind those of us living in the city just how lovely we can really be. They've chosen to illustrate this point using robots. Rodger Beck and artist Matthew Del Degan have embarked on a city-wide art project called The Robot Love Invasion. "The aim of our project is to illuminate the love, kindness and compassion that exists in Toronto and help inspire and spread more of the same," Beck says.

The project's symbol is Lovebot, pictured above. No fewer than 100 2' tall concrete statues of Lovebot will be put on display in "secret locations" across the city. Like humans, each statue is connected to a specific story of love, kindness or compassion that the curators have collected from the public. The call for submissions is still open,too. Pay Lovebot a visit on Facebook, or the Feel Good Guru on Queen West, Atomic Toybot on Queen East, Serpentine on Cumberland or A&C Games on Spadina. Happy lovins!



Joseph / August 12, 2013 at 08:40 am
Nothing says love, kindness, compassion, and other human emotions like robots...made of concrete.
goldie / August 12, 2013 at 09:09 am
GAE is likely smarting with envy over this.
Benedict replying to a comment from goldie / August 12, 2013 at 09:58 am
jennsanerd / August 12, 2013 at 10:34 am
Fanny / August 12, 2013 at 10:41 am
Two Toronto dudes. UGH, WORST JOURNALISM.
Oliver replying to a comment from Joseph / August 12, 2013 at 11:04 am
Hahaha. Touché.
Marta / August 12, 2013 at 11:43 am
AMAZING...sometimes we need reminding that kindness and compassion are the true cursors happiness
Bobo replying to a comment from Joseph / August 12, 2013 at 12:33 pm
Joseph and Fanny completely miss the point. But that's okay, maybe one day they'll get it, and then stop projecting their inner conflict on the world.
HK replying to a comment from Marta / August 12, 2013 at 02:26 pm
If only there is a 'like' button!
I completely agree that we Torontonians need more love. We gotta experience the simple life amiss from the cynical city we live in that drags each other down.
LA Johannesson / August 12, 2013 at 06:33 pm
Love, love, love this concept - would be great to share my story - my plan is to leave copies of my new novel, 'eloves me, eloves me not' (a story about looking for love online) as little literary gifts around Toronto when I'm there in September.
Any chance we can combine efforts and 'share the love' so to speak?
Ryan replying to a comment from Marta / August 12, 2013 at 11:23 pm
*fart sound*
Jessica / September 12, 2015 at 12:09 pm
This has made Toronto a much happier place to live in!
James B / December 13, 2015 at 01:23 pm
I'm so thankful for Lovebot. It's been my favorite thing about Toronto for years. I simply love it.
Sara 14 / February 9, 2016 at 04:32 pm
Lovebot is still going strong! That new mural at College and Spadina is beautiful. I love seeing all the different types and watching the project evolve. It's brilliant work and shows dedication from the Artist. Truly impressive. My kids love seeing them as well! Thank you Matthew and your team for all that you do! Keep going!
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