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You can now fly from Toronto to Nashville for less than $100

Anyone looking for a cheap getaway has a new option as of Thursday, with the first Nashville-bound flight out of Toronto from ultra-low-cost carrier Swoop Airlines taking to the skies.

First announced in February along with four other U.S. destinations, Swoop's Nashville route is among the cheapest flights available out of Toronto, costing just $99 after taxes for a one-way trip. And it's even more affordable to fly home, with tickets out of Music City going for only $59 USD (about $75 Canadian right now.)

The very first took off on Thursday morning, flight WO748 departing Toronto Pearson International Airport at 7:30 a.m. and arriving at Nashville International Airport just one hour later.

The first flight of the four-times-per-week service is a big step forward for the relatively new Westjet-owned carrier. Swoop was only announced in 2017 and launched its first routes the following year.

It was not an easy start for Swoop, which faced high volumes of cancellations and complaints in its infancy.

And it goes without saying that there have been a whole lot of challenges for the fledgling airline in the years since, with travel only beginning to return to normal after over two years of travel restrictions.

Bert van der Stege, Head of Commercial and Finance at Swoop, stated that "After two years of volatility, today's inaugural flight marks a critical milestone in our recovery, with travel restrictions lifting and demand for transborder travel reaching unprecedented heights."

Swoop hopes to assert itself as a tool in jumpstarting the travel economy through low airfares, an ambitious goal that van der Stege claims is "essential in driving the recovery of tourism, and we're proud to be able to offer Canadians an affordable way to explore more of the U.S. this summer."

The airline is hoping to expand further this year, its fleet of ten Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft projected to grow with six new Boeing MAX-8 jets introduced in 2022.

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