Best Green Services in Toronto

The Best Green Services in Toronto

Bullfrog Power has been voted the best green service in Toronto, beating out competition offering a wide range of services. With their high-profile clients and partnerships, such as with Wal-Mart and the Steam Whistle Brewery, it is no surprise Bullfrog powered their way to the top of the list. They also make it easy to convert your home to green power, and a glance at their list of converts confirms the widespread interest.

With their commitment to high-quality offsets, and the ease of purchasing those offsets, CarbonZero comes in number two. By no means, however, are green power and carbon offsetting the only services to round out the winner's circle.

With this year's best services, you will be able to go green in your next catering event, avoid chemicals in your home or laundry cleaning needs, wash your clothes with clean energy, and plant a green roof.

An interesting omission from the winners is Zerofootprint, who won this year as the best green organization. Although they provide superb carbon calculators, Zerofootprint's focus is not on offsets, which likely gave CarbonZero the edge in this category.

Combined, this year's winners will go a long way to helping your business or personal life get a lot greener. So without further ado, here are the Best Green Services in Toronto, as voted by you.

Top photo, left to right, by blogTO flickr poolers mikeghenu, kevbo1983 and List photos are from the organizations except the Bullfrog photo by mikeghenu and Green Garage photo by 416Style.

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