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This Week in Theatre: March 24 2008

March 27 is World Theatre Day - Graeme's gonna tell you more about that later, but it seemed good timing to start a 'what's on in theatre' weekly feature. So, without further ado, here's your first of weekly theatre rounds-ups.

After the jump you'll listings for a bunch of different shows to choose from this week, and really, what better way is there to celebrate the winter-like spring than a pint and a good play?

Studio 180
Stuff Happens, Berkely Street Theatre (26 Berkeley Street) to Saturday March 29
A Canadian premiere that follows the Bush administration and its march to war, Stuff Happens is a dramatic speculation, authenticated from multiple real-life sources, on the behind-closed-door proceedings that have shaped recent world events.

Harold Green Jewish Theatre
Rose, Jane Mallett Theatre (27 Front Street E), Feb 29 - March 29
Rose is the story of an eighty-something Jewish woman who is the ultimate survivor, looking at the past with a sense of detached wonder and an admirable lack of bitterness. It is both a sharply drawn portrait of a feisty Jewish woman, and a moving reminder of some of the tumultuous events that shaped the twentieth century.

Necessary Angel
Invisible Atom, Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace (16 Ryerson Ave) March 18 - March 30
Invisible Atom is a darkly humorous story that questions the nature and acceleration of human progress. Atom wonders - why are our principles so full of uncertainty, why must we seek always to convert our energies into matter, and why must we brazenly do the impossible- the division of the indivisible Atom.

Theatre Smith-Gilmour
Mansfield Project - Factory Studio (125 Bathurst Street) March 15 - April 13
This world premier is an adaptation of four of Katherine Mansfield's short stories, works that are fragile and beautiful, yet sometimes cruel and cynical in their depiction of the dance of life and death.

Fire, March 20-April 19 Baluma Appel Theatre (27 Front Street East)
Loosely based on the real lives of rocker Jerry Lee Lewis and his cousin, TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, Fire tells the story of Herchel and Cale, two sons of a preacher who walk very different paths. Both share genuine passion, express themselves through music, and both fall in love with greed and the same girl.

Diesel Playhouse - 56 Blue Jays Way
Evil Dead - The Musical, February 14-June 14
Nothing like a gory musical! As you might expect, this piece is based on the movie Evil Dead. Still gory. Still the same story. But this time on stage and with singing...

Hart House Theatre - 7 Hart House Circle
Stephen and Mr. Wilde, Feb 28 - April 08
The story of Stephen and Mr. Wilde spans twenty-four hours in the late spring of 1882, in Toronto, during Oscar Wilde's infamous North American lecture tour. The play explores the societal divide between the leader of the British "Aesthetic Movement", Oscar Wilde, and his Black American valet, Stephen Davenport.

Soulpepper - Young Centre for the Performing Arts (Distillery District)
As You Like It, Feb 27 to April 19
Yep. That one. Goofy Shakespeare, need I say more?

The Odd Couple, Feb 27 to April 19
Another familiar piece... When fastidious Felix is kicked out of his house he lands at the apartment of his chaotic chum Oscar. Comedy ensues.

Tarragon Theatre - 30 Bridgman Ave
Extra Space -
Fall, March 18 - April 27
Justice Harry McKay is dead. Officially, he was a great man: leading intellectual, activist judge, Canadian hero. But the unofficial version -- the truth -- is much darker. In a government building, in a basement room, is a file with a startling secret. Now Harry's estranged son must come to terms with his father's past.

Main Space -
Democracy, Feb 26 to April 06
It's 1969, and Willy Brandt, the charismatic left-wing politician, has just been elected chancellor of West Germany. His government is full of limitless energy, exciting new ideas and an East German spy.

Theatre Passe Muraille - 16 Ryerson Ave
Last Days of Graceland - March 14 - April 6
Another world premier, the show follows Sandra, a professional deliverer of eulogies for dead celebrities, on a journey to reclaim her past. The show is a contemporary redemption story - a testament to the persistence of memory and a tribute to our capacity for forgiveness. This show will be the subject of this weeks Thursday Theatre review, so stay tuned for more details.

If you know of something else going on this week that you think people should know about please feel free to include it in the comments.

Image of Theatre Passe Muraille by gbalogh from the blogTO flickr pool.

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