Theatre In Focus: Flin Flonning

When Thurman crashes he crashes hard!! Flin Flonning tells the story of someone that is lost and our journey is about how far he falls rather than how he learns and transforms from that point.

"It's easy to get bogged down in feeling sorry for yourself if you insist on comparing yourself to others. Active change is always good," says Aviva Armour-Ostroff, director of the production. "Flin Flonning is the story of Thurman, a thirty something waiter wanna be actor trying to find his place in the world, or lack thereof. He struggles with the success of his best friend, and his close relationship with his second-best friend. It is a dark comedy."

Thurman (Vladmir Jon Cubrt) is surrounded by people that love him including his best friend Pardo (Jeff Kassel) and second best friend Meredith (Melissa Bourne). We also hear of his mother and ailing grandmother who send him money to come be with them. Yet he cannot resolve himself to any sort of happiness. Every act those people do around him is rather misinterpreted as an act of aggression towards him. Within this sad state of mind everything is magnified negatively to the point where he takes his toaster and attempts to...'make toast".

The dark comedy is not without its attempts at dramatic moments and the actors, mostly film oriented, give all that they have at it. Much of the production is first time for many and that seems to be some of the draw as all come to the project with very little pretense. "I chose this piece to develop directing chops. I know the playwright, Vlad, from high school. I wouldn't say the play has any political relevance, but the themes of friendship and desire to succeed and feeling lost in the world are universal."

The five man cast and one hour show runs at the Diesel Playhouse Theatre until June 17th.

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