Thursday Theatre Review: Marion Bridge

The Company Theatre has mounted a production of Daniel MacIvor's Marion Bridge, directed by none other than MacIvor himself. It's playing at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in the Distillery District.

The show is a look at the lives of three sisters, brought together by their mother's impending death. They don't seem to have ever been truly estranged, but still rather seperate. This show looks at their relationships, current and past. It's an interesting exploration of a family history.

My show-partner this week was John, you've probably noticed his name on these before, he's the one that, much like me, has that not-so-common mix of a theatre degree and a government job.

John said that overall he enjoyed the show, but that the second half rang more true for him than the first. When I asked him what his favourite part was he said he liked the ending, he said he liked the way it kind of tied things up.

I totally agree about the ending. It was a thing of beauty. I don't just mean in terms of stories being neatly tied in a bow, because, honestly I'm not positive it did that, but it was visually beautiful, and emotionally beautiful too.

Although it isn't my favourite thing I've seen this year, I certainly still enjoyed it. In my head I have a few categories for theatre, things that range from 'go with the adventurous friend' to 'go with grandma'. I would say that this show stays within the bounds of traditional theatre, and has enough laughs, tempered by serious moments, that I could happily take my grandmother to this show, but it's interesting enough (no offense grandma...) to take my mother or a friend too.

- Marion Bridge runs until May 26th at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts, 55 Mill Street
- Tickets are $32, with rush tickets available for $18 ($5 rush tickets for those under 21 yrs old), Mondays $10 tickets are available after 7pm

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