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People are upset that Toronto is closing pools before hot temps are gone for good

It may be September 1st, but that doesn't mean fall temperatures are set to kick-in anytime soon.

The beginning of September marks the unofficial return to school and end of the summer season. And as always, the majority of city-run pools will be drained and covered up for another year.

A longstanding city tradition is to literally hand over pools to the dogs - with multiple facilities planning for a dog swimming day before pools are drained.

Dog-only swims will take place across Toronto on Sept. 4 - the last official day of the outdoor season.

But not everyone is too keen on quickly ditching the pool season.

Toronto temperatures for the next 14 days will still be in the upper twenties, with Wednesday until Sunday feeling more like the 31-degree mark with the humidex.

In short, hot temperatures are far from gone and many are arguing that pools need to stay open to accommodate those conditions.

As climate change continues to become more and more prevalent in our city, traditional seasonal time frames will be stretched out farther.

But a majority of lifeguards hired by the city are students, who cannot work further into September as they head off to schools and colleges.

Mayoral candidate Gil Penalosa says that by closing pools and shutting down water fountains early, the city is not accessible to everyone.

According to the city, most outdoor pools will close for the season on Sunday, Sept. 4 except for 11 select pools closing on Labour Day.

City splash and spray mades will hold out just a tiny bit longer until Sunday, Sept. 18.

Others have taken issue with the hours of Toronto's pools as well.

Outdoor facilities were open in June, July and August until 8 p.m unless heat warnings or advisories were issued for two consecutive days, at that point the pools would open until 11 p.m.

It doesn't look like the city will be changing their policies anytime soon. I, for one will be enjoying one last swim this weekend.

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Bruce Reeve

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