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Canada's biggest gym chain seeks people without 6-packs for new commercial

It's not a stretch to say that the precisely-posed, carb-phobic, Facetuned-to-heck "fitfluencer" types of Instagram look a bit... different than the average Toronto gymgoer.

Sure, you'll find some shredded yogis and massive weight-lifters with bulging arm muscles (only arm muscles) at many commercial fitness centres, but they're typically in the minority.

Most people who regularly work out at gyms are simply normal humans who value exercise for its physical and mental health benefits, as opposed to people who do steroid cycles and get Brazillian butt lifts (not that there's anything wrong with that - please don't beat me up).

On that tip, GoodLife Fitness is currently casting for a new advertising campaign to "shift perspectives about fitness from perfect physiques and big biceps, toward celebrating real people who are putting in the time to exercise."

The company launched a nationwide casting call for its forthcoming "real fitfluencer" campaign earlier this week. A GoodLife rep tells blogTO that they've already recieved more than 1,000 applications.

"We can all positively influence people we care about by showing up and putting in the effort to become the best version of ourselves," says GoodLife VP of marketing Nicole Pekerman, describing a "fitfluencer" as "anyone who shows up regularly to exercise, regardless of their appearance, their goals, lifestyle, or the number of followers they have."

The company says it's trying to celebrate members who count on fitness for mental health benefits, in addition to the physical ones, when casting for the campaign, moving away from spotlighting weight-loss stories and perfect physiques.

"We're hoping to reduce the intimidation some people feel when it comes to fitness and reach those who are looking to take a well-rounded approach to their health," says Pekerman.

If you're a member or an employee of GoodLife, you can apply for a role in the commercial here until September 30. 

As marketing materials shared by GoodLife with blogTO specify, "6 packs and 600K followers not required."

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