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Toronto is getting creative with outdoor activities now that everything is closed

Plenty of lockdown measures are still in place across Toronto which means many favourite activies of locals have been shut down for the time being. As a result, residents of Canada's largest city have had to get creative.

Whether it's parks and sports facilities shutting down, or cherry blossoms being gated off, the usual hot spots for those looking to have fun outdoors are out of commision until social gathering can be done safely.

While a number of outdoor activities are still available to the public, plenty of people have gotten creative with their outdoor adventures including playing tennis in the street and picking up all sorts of new hobbies.

Current rules dictate that people may only leave their home for essential reasons and activities such as outdoor dining, sports, or even visits to cottages or secondary residences are prohibited.

While a number of people and organizations have urged the Ontario government to change many of these rules, until those changes happen, Toronto residents have had to make due with what's allowed.

The regulations in place allow for exercise outdoors meaning people have been using that loophole to stretch the rules with activities such as kiting, outdoor workouts, and a number of games or sports that work cardio and core strength such as spike ball, board ball, and slack lining.

Others have used the alone time to create games for others including hiding money around the city and leaving clues on TikTok for followers to hunt down some free cash.

While there's a debate to be had whether these activities are irresponsible or if the province's guidelines are simply nonsensical, it's hard to not appreciate the creativity with which people have been able to keep themselves busy.

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