cherry blossoms toronto

Here's what cherry blossoms look like in Toronto right now so you don't need to leave your home

So you can look at the cherry blossoms without leaving home, blogTO photographer Hector Vasquez breezed through Trinity Bellwoods to snap shots of the fenced-off trees from a safe distance.

While the park is Toronto's worst for social distancing, it hasn't been closed like High Park in anticipation of crowds gathering to view the cherry blossoms. cherry blossoms toronto

While many enjoying the warm weekend weather stopped to snap photos of the baby pink foliage, many others were seen simply congregating to enjoy a moment outside in the sun after spending lots of time hiding out inside.

cherry blossoms toronto

The clusters of trees are surrounded by fencing and physical distancing signage that advises people not to remain longer than a brief moment less than two metres away from a person not of the same household.

cherry blossoms toronto

Police were out patrolling on bikes ready to give tickets to people they felt were not obeying the emergency rules.

cherry blossoms toronto

While High Park cherry blossoms can't be visited in person even for a brief moment through a fence, there are now ways to visit them virtually.

cherry blossoms toronto

That means there's no need to break into parks or climb the fences to enjoy the trees, like some people were just caught doing in High Park on the live webcam.

cherry blossoms toronto

So far there are no other virtual walk-through experiences for other cherry blossom sites in Toronto, such as U of T.

cherry blossoms toronto

But police may be out patrolling other cherry blossom sites in Toronto as well, so be careful to maintain social distancing protocols even if you're not in a major park.

cherry blossoms toronto

Peak bloom of cherry blossoms typically occurs around late April or early May and only lasts around four to 10 days. But like many things we're missing this year, the phenomenon will come around again, so there's no need to break emergency distancing rules to get a glimpse.

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez

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