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The top 10 ways to stay warm this winter in Toronto

The top ways to stay warm in Toronto this winter will allow you to fight the cold with more than just countless layers of clothing. Though the city saw a pretty mild November and early December - some would even brand it as warm - the temperature will surely drop soon. If you don't feel like spending now until March in a snowsuit, there are alternatives.

Here are 10 ways to stay warm this winter in Toronto.


S'mores latte from Sweet Jesus
If you think Sweet Jesus' only talent is making extra-indulgent soft serve, you would be wrong. Now that the cold weather is setting in, you can enjoy their newest creations: decadent hot drinks that will make you forget about basic lattes and mochas. If you're jonesing for something that will bring you back to the days of waterfront bonfires, the s'mores latte is bound to do the trick.

Creme Brulée capuccino from Quantum Coffee
Tired of the ultra-sweet, artificial caramel brulée lattes served up at Starbucks? You may want to take a trip to this King West cafe. The creme brulee lattes served up here are much more impressive. Instead of being capped with froth, these babies are kept warm under a carmelized surface. The best part? You actually get to crack them like real creme brulée.

Cacao 70s drinking chocolate
Toronto has more than a few options for amazing hot chocolate, but if you want to try something even more decadent head to Cacao 70. The Montreal chain serves up drinking chocolate (AKA almost pure melted chocolate) that will satisfy your sweet tooth for days. Bonus: they have dairy-free options, so the vegans and lactose-intolerant aren't left out.

Jalapeno Death Shots at The Lockhart
Those who have seen the Harry Potter movies know that Harry, Ron and Hermione enjoy a good butter beer from time to time. And while there's beer on the menu here, what you really want to go for in the frigid cold is a jalapeno death shot. True, it's probably not on any beverage list in the Harry Potter-verse, but it will chase the cold away faster than you can say quidditch.


Hot Pot from Little Pig
You'll find few things more satisfying in the winter than a steaming hot bowl of brothy soup. Head to Little Pig in Scarborough to DIY some hot pot with options like chinese sausage, AAA certified Angus beef, and a variety of veggies.

Shio Veggie Ramen from Kyouka
The Beaches' lone ramen outpost brings a touch of warmth to the area, even when the lake is covered with ice. If you prefer salty over sweet eats, the restaurant's shio veggie ramen is the way to go. It's made with a medley of broths plus onions, bean sprouts, green onions, spinach, cabbage, wood ear mushrooms and chili paste.

Soup Shoppe Seasonal Soups
If you prefer creamier creations, Soup Shoppe should be your go-to come winter. You'll find the ever-changing menu of this Dundas West spot stacked with comforting favourites like clam chowder. There are normally a few international offerings like shrimp sinigang and Thai chicken stew as well.


Pursuit OCR Obstacle Course
When it starts to snow, workout options like outdoor stair climbing and hill running go out the window. For those who don't want to invest in a costly gym membership or are just in the market for a little something different, Pursuit OCR is worth visiting. The indoor obstacle course will have you working up a sweat climbing tire walls, jumping into ball pits, and swinging across monkey bars.

Scotch and Shave at Rod, Gun and Barbers
For all the gents looking for a way to stay warm, try the Scotch and Shave at Rod, Gun and Barbers. The Junction-based men's manicuring shop will whip your beard - your most coveted weapon against the cold - into shape and give you a glass of whisky to get you through the dark and stormy nights of winter.

H2O Float Spa
Float your cares away in a warm, womb-like pod at H2O Float Spa. If you've had enough of snow and sleet, trade it in for some steaming hot salt water and a day of relaxation. Sure it may be pricier than picking up a hot chocolate, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

What did I miss? Add your tips for ways to escape the cold in the comments.

Photo of Quantum Coffee's Brulée capuccino.

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