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5 places to kill a hangover near Ryerson

If there's one thing you're sure to learn in University, it's how to get rid of a gnarly hangover. Post-secondary partying tends to hit your body hard, so it's imperative that you know where to go the morning after mastering a keg stand. Whether you want to shake your bad decisions with a work out or drown them in a plate of eggs and bacon, we've got you covered.

Here's where to go when Extra Strength Tylenol and leftover KD just aren't doing the trick.

Hair of The Dog
If you live near or on campus, there's a chance you left Church Street mere hours before your hangover hit. Well, there's no shame in heading back to treat your morning after maladies with the hair of the dog that bit you (literally). As most students are well aware, this spot is a one-stop-shop for hangover cures. They serve up good Caesars and plenty of carb-heavy brunch items.

Fuel Plus
So you spent your night throwing back shots of tequila? Opt for a beverage at the opposite end of the health spectrum if the morning after isn't treating you so well. A detoxifying, immune-boosting cold pressed blend from Fuel Plus has everything you need to return to the land of the living. Alternately, if you can't stomach a full meal, try one of their protein shakes.

Bulldog Coffee
A surefire way to shake a hangover is by getting some caffeine into your system. Unfortunately, that requires leaving your nest of duvets and pillows and travelling out into the world. Luckily, Ryerson is close to Bulldog Coffee. Most beverages ring in under $5, making it more affordable than a grande PSL at Starbucks.

Mattamy Athletic Centre
The most brutal of hangovers can have you out of commission for the entire day, but if you can muster up the strength to leave your dorm, why not try to do your body some good? Head to the Mattamy Athletic Centre and work on your fitness - remember, training for a real marathon is more productive than a Netflix marathon (albeit not always as fun).

The Senator
Everyone that's ever been burned by booze knows that there's nothing better than combatting its ill effects with a massive plate of carbs. The Senator, only steps from campus, serves up greasy-spoon favourites at a reasonable price (the full breakfast rings in under $10). Plus, the non-threatening diner atmosphere will make you feel at home, even in sweatpants.

What did I miss? Add your go-to hangover spot to the comments.

Photo of Bulldog Coffee by Jesse Milns.

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