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The top 10 unusual fitness classes in Toronto

In a rut at the gym? Fitness doesn’t have to come in a one size fits all gym. There are many ways we can move and still have fun with fitness.

Here are some unusual fitness classes you can take in Toronto.

Mermaid classes with AquaMermaid

This is really a thing. So slide on your mermaid tail and prepare for an oddly fun fitness class. You’ll learn mermaid and synchronized swimming techniques along with endurance, cardio and breathing lessons. You’ll learn how to swim like a fish using both feet as a tail, and core muscles as the driving force to push you forward.


With a serious dose of punching bags and boxing while squatting on BoSu balls, BOLO combines boxing with HIIT and strength training. Classes can switch between TRX, slam balls and resistance weights all under the philosophy and conditioning of boxing.

Indoor rowing at Scullhouse

One of Toronto’s only indoor rowing studios, Scullhouse emphasizes synchronized group rowing with the swish of a machine for a 55-minute high-energy row. Classes are taught by Kristin Jeffrey, a seasoned Canadian Rowing National Team alumnus.


Joga elevates the yoga game by combining the movements and postures of yoga with the biomechanics of sports yoga. Joga was created with athletes in mind, but is open and accessible to everyone looking to elevate their fitness routine through the comfort of yoga.

Indoor surfing

Inspired by surfing, a Surfset Burn Class gets you on a mechanical surfing board for a total body surf. The workouts on the RipSurfer X replicate what it’s like to surf the waves while combining elements of strength and toning exercises.

Parkour at Monkey Vault

The Monkey Vault is a 10,000 square foot indoor and outdoor space dedicated to Parkour, freerunning, gymnastics, breakdancing and just the general movement of your body around a big playground. The Adult Parkour classes will get you in the mindset to jump and glide through obstacles in the real world.

Aerial Yoga

Suspended from massive silk ropes that are wrapped around your body, aerial yoga makes you feel comfortable in uncomfortable positions. It’s like hanging upside down in a yoga hammock. The 60-minute class releases tension in different muscles and gets deep into the body’s pressure points.


Anything Beyonce does must be good for the body. And these Beyonce-inspired dance classes will have you moving like Queen B in no time. Located at two different dance studios across Toronto, you can learn the most iconic Beyonce and Destiny’s Child songs and get sweaty, fit and synchronized in the process.

EMS Training

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) shocks your muscles into form. While wearing a Lara Croft-looking jumpsuit, pulsing currents are sent to your arms, back, butt and upper thighs via electrodes as you squat, lift and curl. And it only takes 20 minutes. But don’t let the time fool you. It’s just as hard as doing a single session at the gym.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a serious workout requiring upper body strength and agility. It’s also a lot of fun. So whether you opt for a pole dance, or TwerkOut session, or you’re in the mood for a sultry burlesque dance, your body is learning a new type of movement.

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