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The top 10 ways to warm up this winter in Toronto

The top ways to warm up this winter in Toronto will provide temporary reprieve when your frost-numbed mind tells you to repeat the phrase "baby, it's cold outside" ad nauseam. Sometimes winter gives you the blues, sometimes it gives you the chills -- whatever the case, I've got some suggestions for how to survive another Canadian winter.

Here are 10 great ways to warm up this winter.

Drink Turkish coffee by the fire at Toronto's new Turkish cafe
If the ambiance and fireplace weren't enough to convince you to spend some time at Istanbul CafĂŠ, the cups of hot Turkish coffee certainly will.

Line up cheap shots at Toronto's new tiki rock bar
It's Hawaiian/teen dream/rocknroller theme will set your mind drifting to warmer clime and blistering guitar solos while your slam down a belly full of fire.

Fill your belly with seafood noodle soup and cheese fondu at Yonge and Sheppard
Hot soup, spicy tacos, spoon pizza, cheese fondue- this winter head to Han Ba Tang for grub designed to stick to your ribs and warm you all over.

Go for a sauna and kombucha at Toronto's massive new yoga studio
Yoga Tree, Toronto's latest massive yoga studio on Dundas and Bay has a whole kombucha bar and sauna for added warmth after a particularly vigorous ashtanga or hot yoga class.

Do it British style with some scones and tea
Make like the Queen (we are still a monarchy after all) and quell your chill with some tea and scones at Kitten and Bear in Parkdale, or Baker and Scone on St.Calir. Pass the clotted cream!

Bust a move at a Dance party
Nothing brings the heat like working up a sweat (and potentially meeting someone new) on the dance floor so check out this list of top 10 dance parties and bars in Toronto and get ready to bust a move.

Go for a float
Get yourself in one of the sensory deprivation chambers/ float tanks at H2O float Spa and you can cancel out the notion of cold altogether.

Try a YuanYang
Besides coffee, tea and alcohol's known warming properties, let Bevlab's brilliant scientific take on drinks heat up your mind and your mouth. The YuanYang is a milky tea coffee combination, with your choice or de Mello Palheta beans and Detour teas.

Update your winter wardrobe
Why not just actually bundle up this winter to stay warm? You can be well-clothed and fashionable, proving (as Dsquared does every season) that the ski-bunny or North Ontario hoser look never goes out of style.

Take a tea class
A tea class, with elements like the Chinese tea ceremony let you fuse knowledge, ritual and piping hot liquid into one heart warming experience. Plus, once you know how, you can radiate the warm vibes when you serve tea to others.

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What did I miss? Add your tips for ways to escape the Toronto cold in the comments below.

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