10 ways to cool down in Toronto this summer

It's easy to cool down in Toronto this summer by getting wet, eating something frosty or hanging out indoors where temperatures drip below zero.

Here are my picks for fun ways to cool down in Toronto this summer.

Go swimming

The easiest and most satisfying way to cool down in the summer is jumping into a body of water. Toronto has numerous public pools to leap into as well impressive collection of accessible hotel pools, and, of course, beaches in and around the city too.

Ride on a waterslide

Hurtle yourself down a giant water slide. Try the new DrenalineDrop at Canada's Wonderland or the revamped Wet 'n' Wild water park in Brampton.

Eat some ice cream

Perhaps the most delicious way to cool down this summer is grabbing an extravagant ice cream creation from one of the city's best ice cream parlours. There's a great spot in pretty much every neighourhood and vegan options too.

Drink some local beer

Sitting with a tall pint in hand is another easy-breezy way to keep calm and cool on a blistering summer day. Check out local brewpubs like Eastbound Brewing Company and don't forget about the spots with retail shops so you can take beer home with you.

Slurp boozy slushies

There's nothing like a good brain freeze to cool the body and mind down, and these boozy slushies filled with over-the-top additives and fruity ingredients should do the trick.

Chill out in an ice house

Did you know the country's largest ice lounge is here in the city? If you need to go above and beyond air conditioning, consider hanging out with a cocktail in this cooler box and event space at Bathurst and King.

Take bubble tea to the next level

Toronto is teeming with bubble tea options, but the only way it's really going to help you on a steamy summer day is by adding slush. There are a number of places that offer slushy, bubbly creations including Happy Lemon, The Alley and Latea Era just to name a few.

Sip cold brew coffee

There are a ridiculous amount of great coffee shops in the city, but when it's close to 30 degrees, no one is looking for a piping hot Americano. These cold brew will fill your body with ice cold caffeinated goodness.

Try stand up paddling on the Island

The best thing about Stand Up Paddling is that you might fall in the water. Toronto Island SUP teaches all types of classes to get you sailing on a surf board on the lake.

Eat ice cream pie

You read that correctly, you can buy a full ice cream pie at Ed's Real Scoop. Call ahead at any of their four locations (there's also one in Mimico) or walk in and see what's been baked and frozen that day.

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Jesse Milns at Bang Bang Ice Cream

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