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The top 10 places in Toronto to get away from it all

Living in Toronto has tons of perks, but like any other urban jungle, it can be draining. Luckily there are places in and around the city that offer some tranquility, whether that be in a beautiful building or a cozy nook in nature.

Here are some places in Toronto to get away from it all in Toronto.

Aga Khan Museum

Let the design of this immaculate museum by Don Mills and Eglinton fill you with peace. Stroll through the Aga Khan Park for its serene reflecting pools, or head inside to quietly enjoy the beautiful exhibits on display.

Leslie Street Spit

Nothing clears the mind like hearing the waves of Lake Ontario and the cacophony of a thousand bird cries. This man-made peninsula is part nature getaway, part landfill, and somehow there’s something very soothing about seeing those two worlds collide.

Great Library at Osgoode Hall

The grounds of this historic hall are surprisingly secluded, given the fact it's right off Queen Street. But even more serene is the hushed library inside, with nary a thing to bother you, except for maybe the temptation to flip through more than 120,000 legal books.

Underpass Park

It's not exactly quiet here, given it sits under a trio of bustling roads that connect to the DVP, but this outdoor playground is definitely eye candy to the urban soul. Play a game of pick up, marvel at the mirrored Mirage, or take in all the incredible murals by Toronto’s best street artists.

Toronto Music Garden

This beautiful swirling garden on Queens Quay is the perfect landscape to get lost in. Designed with the help of world renowned cellist Yo Yo Ma, this poetic garden has a lovely Music Pavilion that's perfect for brooding in. There are free classical performances that take place in the summer, too.

Allan Gardens

It doesn't matter what time of year it is: it's all the same within the confines of this breathtaking Edwardian conservatory on Sherbourne. Get a deep whiff of flower therapy in the Orchid Room, or sit beneath the massive trees in the Palm House on their perfectly secluded benches.

Glen Stewart Ravine

Head here in the spring and summer and you'll feel like you're in Narnia. A leisurely walk through this 11-hectare stretch will be more than enough to do your nerves good, and a jaunt up the stairs (there are 114 steps) will be the exercise you need to clear your head.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

It's more than just a gravesite: this National Historic Site is a natural wonderland filled with incredible architecture and an astonishing number of tree species. It's beautiful year-round, and it's massive, meaning you can spend hours here before emerging back to real life.

City Hall green roof

What better way to get away from the city than to hide in the heart of it? Sitting atop City Hall is this subtle podium that's rarely frequented by the public. The wooden benches afford a comfy spot to chill, while the vantage point of Nathan Phillips Square from up above is unlike any other.

Evergreen Brick Works

Nestled in the heart of the Don Valley is this old brick factory-turned-nature reprieve. You can stroll the historic kiln building, walk the Don Valley Brick Works Park or walk up to the lookout. Depending on what time of day it is, you won't necessarily be completely alone, but you'll be removed from the bustle of the city, which is all that matters.

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