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The top 10 places in and around Toronto to get away from it all

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, even if Toronto might be one of the most livable cities in the world. There are plenty of places in and around the city that let you take a little break, even if it's only for a few minutes.

Here are the top places to get away from it all in and around Toronto.

Leslie Street Spit (Tommy Thompson Park)

You won't feel like you're in the city once you're ensconced in this park right by the lake. Ride your bike, go for a jog, or simply wander around this huge park on the city's east side.

The Great Library at Osgoode Hall

Even though it's surrounded by cast-iron fence, you can easily visit this library, which might be one of the most stunning rooms in the city. Head here at your lunch break and take a few minutes to sit and recharge in the middle of the work week.

Boyd Conservation Area

Located just northwest of Toronto, this densely wooded area is a wonderful place to spend a day away from the bustle of Toronto. It's chock full of mature trees, walking trails, and offers a scenic place to soak up a bit of nature.

Toronto Music Garden

This meditative space is mostly unpopulated throughout the day, so you can enjoy a bit of solitude right beside the lake. You'll often even hear classical music playing in the wooded areas.

Craigleigh Gardens Park

This gem of a park space is often overlooked due to its proximity to the Brick Works, but it's worth a contemplative visits in its own right. A gothic-style entrance gives the park an air of secrecy, and it's often barely populated, so the place feels all your own.

The Palm House at Allan Gardens

Immerse yourself in greenery at any time of the year. Explore the flora or simple soak in all the plant life on a dull, cold or rainy day to lift your spirits.

Miles Road End Parkette

A number of south Etobicoke streets terminate at little lakeside parkettes, but the one at Miles Rd. is my favourite. There are two benches and a chess table (which also works for a picnic), meaning it's a secluded spot to lounge with the city shimmering in the distance.


This one is all about knowing where to go. If you're looking for some quiet time in a calm setting, head down to the Weston Family Learning Centre and walk southwest. Adjacent to Beverley St. there's an area with a few comfy chairs that might be the place to read in the city.

Cudia Park

Everyone goes to Bluffer's Park, but the view from Cudia is just amazing and the trails that wind around above the bluffs are a great place to relax and contemplate the profoundly slow moving geological processes that created such a beautiful place.

Rosedale Ravine

Pretty much all of Toronto's ravines are ideal places to get away from it all, but Rosedale might be the quietest of them all. You can wander around the central trail or explore the scenic but solemn grounds of St. James Cemetery.

Writing by Derek Flack and Amy Grief.

Lead photo by

Nicoli OZ Mathews

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