Group Fitness Toronto

Group fitness gyms in Toronto

Group fitness gyms in Toronto prove that working out in groups provides a no-idling, non-thinking approach to fitness, naturally triggering our competitive side to one-up the sweaty valiant peer beside us, maximizing lunge output and overall results.

Although most gyms offer fitness classes, there are fitness gyms in Toronto that exclusively offer group classes and nothing else. These classes are taught by top fitness trainers who possess the knowledge and expertise to keep us motivated on our quest for physical transformation.

Unlike traditional gyms, this niche market caters to those of us looking for a more personal approach to fitness as well as, perhaps, a sense of community and camaraderie among waist-shrinking peers.

Offering the perks of personal training without the hefty price tag that comes along with one-on-one sessions, the trained and motivational coaches push, coach and assist through an array of dynamic group classes, giving us way more bang for our buck.

Convinced yet? Here are 5 group fitness gyms in Toronto.

With walls to climb, a gigantic wooden jungle gym to conquer, and plenty of space to move, this industrial-style "box" gym feels a whole lot like an adult playground. Sessions at this studio are designed to emulate primal movements and activity patterns which mimic our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Classes are taught in small intimate groups led by encouraging and innovative instructors. Memberships for unlimited small-group training costs $150 per month (no contract), $100 for 8 sessions, and drops-ins are $20.

Harmony Fitness
Located in North York, Harmony Fitness is Toronto's largest group fitness facility. Their California-esque ambiance is indicative of the variety of their contemporary classes and their infectiously energetic instructors. With a roster of trendy classes like Zumba, TreadSanity, and BarreSanity, this dynamic studio aims to shake up any lackluster routine. High-powered classes are synced with heart-pounding music, while sportive instructors motivate members to do more, creating the perfect mecca for the sculpted masses. Annual membership is $1650, or $165/month for an unlimited class pass.

Urbanplayground Fitness Inc.
Owned and operated by two fierce personal trainers, Urbanplayground, a women-only fitness studio, knows what it takes to motivate and mentor their lady clients. This bootcamp boutique, pride themselves on comfort and feminine camaraderie. Small classes of 3-12 participants, and mandatory registration and cancellation policies keep clients accountable and motivated. Don't let the women's only bit fool you! Classes like The Hangover Cure, Yoga Bootcamp and Total Body conditioning are anything but easy, giving any bro infiltrated gym a run for their money. Drop-in sessions are $22.56, unlimited 4-week pass $180, and a 48-week unlimited pass is $1440.

Fit Factory Fitness
With over 120 classes held per month, the mix of variety offered at this studio keeps gams fatigued and sweat glands overworked. Unlike other bootcamp-style studios, Fit Factory's signature bootcamp class is led by co-founder Tony A, a former U.S. Marine Corps Drill Instructor, who has over 22 years of experience in the fitness industry working with both civilian and military personal. Annual membership fees are $200/month or $150/month (prepaid). Unlimited month to month access is $250.

Think Fitness
Energy and endurance is continually challenged at this high-intensity, Bloor West Village studio. With in-depth attention paid to client's form and abilities, the personable and encouraging trainers at this close-knit studio have members quadrupling their "feel good" endorphins. A variety of strength building exercises like sprinting with parachutes, kettlebell work and Olympic movements, are jammed packed into their strenuous and sweaty classes. Drop-ins are $20 and unlimited class passes are $169.99/month

Writing by Stephanie Payne. Photo from the Fit Factory Fitness Facebook page.

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