Go Out &amp Play - Corso Italia Street Fest

You're waiting in line at La Paloma for the city's best gelato while holding a hot grilled sausage sandwich in one hand, a flamenco guitar compilation CD in the other and there's a big bottle of Calabrese Hot Pepper spread in your bag.

Where are you?

The 8th Annual Corso Italia Street Festival, that's where.

Again this year Corso Italia (the 'other' Little Italy) has organized a street festival that is as musical as it is delicious.

St. Clair West between Lansdowne & Dufferin has been officially shut down and that leaves a 6 lane street open for fun (not that David Miller understands this as he approved reducing it to two lanes and cutting sidwalks short for the TTC, but I digress).

On most street corners you can catch live bands ranging from flamenco, to italian choirs and cover bands, portuguese i-don't-even-know soloists, and, of course, The Amazing Claudio on his accordion. Take home a few CDs if you enjoy it and relive it all next weekend at the beach.

Between all the stages you'll find a number of opportunities to EAT. Most bars have rolled out the BBQ's for the usual SPICY sausages, hamburgers, grilled veggies and sandwiches. Some spots got a little more creative, like Tre Mari Bakery (between Greenlaw & St. Clarens) who've got mini pizzas, pastries, donuts and more.

If you're looking to chill on a patio, there are plenty to choose from but bring along a friend to wait in line for you...

The usual flock of carnies made it to the party as well. A mini ferris wheel, kiddie rides and the usual set course of carnival games run all the way down the road. I myself got serious ripped off by 'em today, don't miss out on the feeling of being an ass.

Actually, before you do that, check out the guys who run the Pony Rides... they're quite a set of characters.

Hmmm, what else can I tell you? You also might come across a bargain or two on clothing, housewares, CANDY, and cars... Pontiac is out as well with lots of chances to win their latest models.

And speaking of cars, Kiss 92 brought out the 1981 Delorean (of Back to the Future fame) and ballots are available to enter online for a chance to drive off with it (Christopher Lloyd hair not mandatory).

Get to the street fest by TTC (we have no parking left for ANYBODY, let alone residents) by taking the Dufferin or Lansdowne buses to St. Clair or by hopping on the St. Clair Bus (no streetcars this weekend) and get off before it detours around the crazy italians.

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