Joust Do It!

I'm of the opinion that anything can be fun. That's why I gave an enthusiastic "thumbs up" when asked to take part in an adventure to Medieval Times. Of course, the discounted rate I was offered made the decision a little simpler. Let's get medieval, I say. We arrived, paid our fare and were immediately crowned, photographed and herded into the gift shop. Laid before us were overpriced swords, jewels, sweatshirts and other knick knacks created to help aid your memory of an evening well entertained. Lucky for us we had pre-planned for this with a trip to the dollar store and we were outfitted with the finest swords a buck can buy you.

The horn blew and several mullet headed men tested our ability to cheer and separated us into categories to root for a specific knight. I knew we had a pretty decent shot of winning because I had brought along my trusty blue pom poms and we were seated in the blue knight section. GO BLUE!


Our server arrived shortly and filled our plastic goblets with a cola beverage and muttered incoherently. He was sweet, but nervous and I could sense that he would rather be at home plotting out his next move in a D&D game. Massive pans of garlic bread and peppery vegetable soup arrived so I pulled out my private stash of plastic utensils that I snuck in. The funny thing was I actually didn't need them as the dining situation was well thought out and although you do eat with your hands, it sort of makes sense. Giant portions of baby dragon (1/2 a chicken) and baby dragon toes (slathered ribs) were tasty and we were even offered seconds!



Now for the show: At first it was sort of fun to cheer and boo when they prompted, but then it just got tiring. And after a while the horses prancing around got hilariously dull as they really weren't doing anything overly skillful. The dialogue was weak and the fights scenes were a mess. I think the show would have been more exciting to watch if there was an element of humour to it. But, it's so serious and you're supposed to root for your knight and care that he won a challenge where he sticks his sword into a bullseye.

But, in the end of it all our knight was victorious in the battle against the evil knight and he won the princess. In celebration everyone was invited to the main ballroom for some modern dance music and refreshments. Although it doesn't appear that I had the most fun ever, I think I would give this adventure 3 of out 5 because the baby dragon was delicious and I like to cheer and giggle.

Medieval Times
Exhibition Place

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