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You can help Toronto pets in critical need through this cash-prize raffle

If you're an animal lover, the painful stories of pets in Toronto that have been victims of abandonment and maltreatment likely send a massive pang through your heart, especially if you aren't in a living situation that enables you to foster or adopt one yourself.

There are dogs like Avery, who was recently taken in by Toronto Humane Society while suffering from multiple physical ailments, as well as, perhaps even more heartbreakingly, a lack of proper care because she used to live in an area that did not have access to essential vet care.

Upon her arrival, the fluffy pup had a case of heartworm, a UTI, a mass, and extremely matted fur, that was severely impacting her comfort.

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Avery is one of many pets who are in need of attention and care at Toronto Humane Society right now — and you can help with as little as $10 for 10 tickets in the Toronto Humane Society lotto.

Along with a loving forever home, she's clearly in need of some serious medical care and supervision as she's nursed back to health — and if you can't be that forever home, there are still a ton of ways you can help out Avery and animals like her with the rest of the battle.

There are programs and events at Toronto Humane Society like the upcoming 50/50 Lotto, which not only helps dogs, cats and more pets in need, but has the added bonus of the chance to win some big cash prizes.

The jackpot starts at $9,999 and only grows from there with each ticket purchase, and the tickets get cheaper the more you buy, starting at just $10 for 10 tickets!

And, with every ticket bought, you're not only putting yourself more in the running to get some extra cash, but also contributing directly to the care of furry friends like Avery.

Proceeds from the 50/50 raffle will help all current and future pets at Toronto Humane Society receive the medical care they need and eventually find a home to call their own. 

The draw for a $1,000 early bird cash prize takes place on November 1, followed by a $500 early bird draw on November 15, and finally, the draw for the grand jackpot on December 1, with ticket sales for each ending at midnight the night prior.

Buy tickets online now to secure your spots in the raffle — and feel good about knowing that while you're setting yourself up for a chance to win, you're also ensuring Avery and her friends get a chance at a happy, healthy life.

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