Living in Montreal is a dream come true for the student on a budget. Cheap downtown eats are a dime a dozen, and because there's so much choice, it's not too hard to find quality amongst the sheer quantity. Moving to Toronto last year, I was presented with what I thought to be a simple task; finding a dollar a slice pizza joint.

I guess I was a little optimistic about finding such a place, as in Montreal, if you don't sell very large slices of pizza for about a dollar, you get run out of town. How pleasantly surprised I was when I discovered the de facto price for a small slice of pizza in Toronto was upwards of 3$. I'm sorry, but that's insanity. How you all feel that paying such a price makes sense is beyond the scope of this entry.

Suffice it to say, I did, in fact, find a decent buck a slice pizza place. Turns out all the Bay Streeters are pretty familiar with Pizza2Go (65 Front Street West, 416-362-1616). You can find it in the lower level of the train station, in between it and the Union Go Station right across from the LCBO. The lunchtime lineups speak for themselves, and have more than once kept me from being able to get back to my day job on time. The choices are slim; you get plain, pepperoni, deluxe, and Hawaiian. All for a buck a piece.


The surly personnel will take your order, and promptly toss your slices on a paper plate inside a paper bag. Within about ten minutes, expect said paper bag to become transparent as the pizza grease embeds itself over a short period of time. By the time you get down to chowing down, you may be disappointed, especially if you've been weaned on Piazza Manna's 4$ slices for the past few years. The cheese isn't exactly dripping off, the sauce is spartan, and regardless of the slice the toppings themselves really don't add too much to the overall taste sensation . But this slice only cost you a buck, and for such a price, this pizza is awesome. Not long ago, a policy was introduced making patrons purchase a soda (1$) with any order of pizza, presumably to keep profit margins up a bit; I was ticked when I showed up with a loonie only to be turned away. Regardless, give it a try during your break today; you will be thankful for the soda, as anything more than one slice tends to take about a week to digest. You could use the money you saved on the pizza for some Pepto if you had the cojones to order two slices...


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