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MiMi Noodle House

MiMi Noodle House is all about rice noodles and mini hot pots. The bustling restaurant at Langham Square Mall has become a popular place for those seeking a quick bite after shopping at the nearby T&T; Supermarket.

MiMi MarkhamThe rice noodles here are predominantly Yunnan and Hunan style. The latter comes with lots of sour and spicy flavours so be prepared to test your taste buds.

MiMi Markham

The MiMi Rice Noodle with Coconut Curry Sauce ($8.99) is served simmering-hot in a small pot and is mildly spicy without being overwhelming. It comes with free rice noodle refills and 10 free toppings ranging from meat to pickled vegetables.

MiMi MarkhamThe MiMi Fresh Rice Noodle with Sauteed Ground Pork and Pickled Beans ($8.50) comes with chewy noodles and nicely seasoned ground pork but the sour pickled beans on top are definitely an acquired taste.

MiMi MarkhamIf you order just one thing let it be the MiMi Hunan Rice Noodle with Brine ($8.50). It comes without broth and is instead a heaping portion of thick and flat noodles enveloped in a dark-coloured sauce.MiMi MarkhamIt’s also really fun chowing down on the restaurant's wide array of side dishes.

My personal favourite is the unbelievably juicy Five Star General Fried Chicken ($6.99). Its light crispy batterless skin really seals the deal.

MiMi MarkhamThe oily Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce ($6.99) is  a classic Szechuan dish featuring cold cooked chicken meat served in seasoned chili oil.MiMi MarkhamThe MiMi Smoked Preserved Pork ($6.99) reminds me a bit of Chinese sausage but the taste is like bacon. The more I had of this the more I liked it.

MiMi MarkhamNot in the mood for rice noodles? Try the MiMi Rice Crust Hot Pot with Hot and Spicy Sauce ($10.99). This unique individual hot pot dish features a cacophony of ingredients simmering in a boiling spicy broth, with a patty-shaped crispy rice crust dunked in the middle.

This is definitely one of the more novel and surprisingly enjoyable ways to eat rice.

MiMi Markham

To drink there's a selection of fruit sodas, made with a combination of syrup and soda water. My favourite is the Lychee Soda ($4.99), but they also have mango and strawberry.

MiMi Markham

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