I've been meaning to write a review of Konnichiwa since I started here at blogTO. I've lived in Toronto for about 4 years now, and throughout those 4 years I've made a point to search out the best Japanese food this city has to offer. Though the search continues always, Konnichiwa still remains at the top of my growing list.

Nestled snuggly along the south side of the Baldwin Village strip between McCaul and Beverley, this humble and cozy Japanese noodle house has been serving out classic (and affordable) Edo-Kaiseki cuisine since 1996. Having grown up Japanese-Canadian, I'd like to believe that I have a fairly good grasp on what makes for really good Japanese comfort food (but no one beats my gramma of course). Still, believe me when I say that this is, indeed, the real deal.


Having eaten there regularly for the past 3 years, I've probably had almost everything on the menu. From classic favorites like Shrimp & Veg Tempura and Katsu Don to some more eclectic creations like Katsu Curry Rice, the menu is actually quite extensive without being overly daunting. In all honesty though, the main event is truly the Noodle Soups. In the winter time, there are few things I enjoy more than coming in from the cold to a bowl of steaming hot Nabeyaki Udon . Or conversely, in the summer, to one of the only authentically prepared Zaru Soba dishes you can find in this city.

So ya, have I made it clear enough how much I love this place? Oh, and on top of all that, the owners are easily among the nicest people you'll ever meet.

Konnichiwa, 31 Baldwin Street (between Beverley & McCaul), 416-593-8538

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