Frosty Roll Toronto

Frosty Roll

Frosty Roll is serving up Thai-style ice cream rolls in a simple and understated space in Kensington Market.

While the building that houses the store is drab, the interior is painted in a cheerful, Tiffany-blue colour that makes it feel more spacious. There's a small smattering of bar stools to sit on, but this is predominantly a takeout spot.

Frosty Roll Toronto

When I arrive, there's only one ice grill being used, despite the mini-lineup. Surprisingly, the queue moves quite quickly. It is, however, definitely a small operation and it's hard to shake the feeling that more hands on deck would help to mitigate rush periods.

Frosty Roll Toronto

Owners Angel and Lynn Li inform me that the ice cream mix used in all their products is handmade from scratch daily before the store opens.

Frosty Roll Toronto

Being the glutton ice-cream fan that I am, I try four of the five flavours available. Each cost $5.75 and come festooned with impressive-looking accoutrements ranging from biscuits to Pocky sticks.

Frosty Roll Toronto

The GoGo Mango is a visual treat. Mango chunks are chopped up and mixed into the ice cream mix, and the whole concoction is topped with an Oreo cookie and even more mango chunks. It's lightly refreshing, and the sharp sweetness of the mango nicely cuts through the light creaminess of the ice cream.

Frosty Roll Toronto

I have mixed feelings about the WhiteBerry. On one hand I love the fresh strawberry slices and the creamy smoothness of the white chocolate, but on the other hand my sense is that it's lacking in intensity.

Frosty Roll Toronto

The Frosty Plant is a delightful mix of crushed Oreos mixed with the ice cream batter, then topped with a generous dusting of cocoa powder and strawberries.

Frosty Rolls Toronto

The star of the show in my books is the Banana-tella. As the name implies, banana slices and generous helpings of Nutella are thrown into the whole mix. The light flavour of the banana provides a beautiful contrast to the pronounced creaminess of the Nutella spread.

Frosty Roll Toronto

I have to say that the ice cream here is some of the lightest I've ever had. It's a perfect reward after a day of exploring the Market, and you won't feel too guilty about it afterwards.

Frosty Roll Toronto

Posted by Darren "DKLo" Susilo. When not writing for blogTO he can usually be found tweeting here or delaying mealtimes everywhere by posting pictures here . Photos by Hector Vasquez.

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