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Toronto landlord asks for $3,500 a month for a bachelor apartment

This week in absurd Toronto apartment listings that show just how zany (read: dire) the market is right now, one Toronto landlord is trying to rent out a bachelor unit for a whopping $3,500 per month when the average price for an apartment of that size in the GTA is at $1,770, which is still considered shockingly high.

To be fair, as noted in the recent Kijiji ad, this furnished place is nicer than most, with high ceilings, stainless steel appliances in a brand-new kitchen, two balconies, and a spacious bathroom with corner jacuzzi tub.

toronto rent

The bathroom is sizable and comes with a large jacuzzi tub, but does that justify $3,500 in rent?

It is also larger than even some one-bedrooms at 750 square feet, and located inside an adorable and unique townhome in the beaches rather than a cookie-cutter condo.

But, it's still a studio unit with only one single room to serve as the bedroom and living space, making it hard to justify being nearly double the price of most apartments of its kind.

The photos accompanying the listing indeed show a very nice, bright and surprisingly spacious place right at Woodbine Beach.

toronto rent

The kitchen is brand new and runs along one wall leading into the main room, the bedroom.

But, it is noticeable right away that there is no living room or couch to be found, as the only room apart from the kitchen and bathroom has been designated as a bedroom with a queen bed taking up much of the area.

The landlord did manage to squeeze a small dining table with two chairs by the foot of the bed, but while a place to sit and eat is a necessity and there is really nowhere else in the unit to put it, it does feel a little odd.

toronto rent

The ceilings are high and the unit is a fair size, but the dining room in the bedroom is just... not it.

Other drawbacks that make one question the price even further are the fact that there is no parking included, the landlord insists on a "quiet 24 hour policy," pets are not allowed, and you have to go through a shared entrance, shared common area and shared staircase to get to the private unit on the top floor.

Laundry is also separate and shared with two additional tenants — not the convenience you'd expect for a rental price that could get you an entire house in the city.

toronto rent

Though the apartment is a unique gem, we're not sure it's special enough to be double the price of other units of this type.

As popular as Woodbine Beach is come summer, the location isn't even central, and $3,500 still seems absolutely ridiculous for any studio unit.

Then again, with Toronto prices, who knows what is realistic to expect anymore.

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