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Landlord of this two-bedroom Toronto apartment is asking for $19K in rent

If you've somehow saved up enough cash to put a down payment on a starter condo in the Toronto area, perhaps you'd prefer to give it all up for a single month's rent at a particularly bougie two-bedroom apartment in the city that's being advertised by its landlord for a ridiculously high price.

500 wellington

The apartment is probably one of the nicest in the city, but the rental rate is absolutely bonkers.

The condo on the ninth floor of the boutique building at 500 Wellington Street West is being touted as a "spa in the sky," and certainly is unique, breathtaking and beautiful — but, at only two bedrooms, its rental rate of a staggering $19,000 per month (plus some utilities, no less) is certainly going to be too much for almost any tenant in the city to afford.

500 wellington

The unit is decked out beautifully with top-of-the-line everything and a ton of unique features.

Yes, you and however many roommates you can fit in the place to cover costs will get a private direct-access elevator and the most luxurious of fixtures and furnishings, from an infrared sauna to walk-in closets with refrigeration drawers.

500 wellington

Private direct-access elevator, anyone?

There are also 10-foot ceilings, an Italian marble-clad kitchen, integrated air purification and aromatherapy systems, and "spa-like ensuites" that are meant to "create the ultimate environment for wellness and tranquillity," the rental listing reads.

It also comes furnished with designer, expert-appointed furniture and decor.

500 wellington

Any normal person would probably feel a little out of their element in such luxe surroundings.

And, yes, the space is ginormous and bright, with three washrooms, a huge balcony and 2,440 square feet total.

It's an absolutely exceptional apartment with more than you could ever dream of — but still... $19,000 per month?!

Anyone with enough money to pay that price in rent would more than likely just purchase a home (or a few) of their own.

500 wellington

You won't need to bring your own furniture, but you will need to lock in for a year-long lease and pay some maintenance fees on top of your $19k a month rent.

Then again, with landlords charging nearly $3,000 a month for tiny generic bachelor units and some apartments without proper bedrooms going for a rate of $3,500, maybe this price isn't unrealistic at all, and the unit will be filled with some very wealthy tenants soon enough.

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