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Someone in Toronto is renting out a tiny basement with half the kitchen in the bedroom

This week in particularly dismal Toronto apartment listings comes some very unique accommodations in which half of the "mini kitchen" is actually in the bedroom of the unit.

While some people in the city are renting out mattresses in the middle of their living rooms or "bedrooms" in shared hallways, this landlord is seeking someone to pay $900 per month for a private basement apartment near Leslie subway station in North York that, at 240 square feet, has to have a very creative layout.

toronto rent

The tenant will likely want to do away with the cheap table cloths on their desk and dining tables (with single chair and stool) immediately. Photo from the Kijiji listing.

In the bedroom, the tenant will find their bed, a small window, dining table/desk situation (complete with tablecloths), and a basic IKEA dresser.

But, atop the dresser is also a toaster oven (advertised as an "electric oven") and next to it, a mini fridge and microwave that will serve as some of your only kitchen appliances.

toronto rent

The toaster oven, microwave and mini fridge in the bedroom are an interesting choice made necessary by space constraints. Photo from the Kijiji listing.

Make a bagel while you grab your socks, and if you need a stove for anything more substantial, head into the very cramped mini kitchen to use the portable single hot place (described as an "induction range").

In the kitchen there is also an instant pot, sink, kettle and some shelving, but not much room to turn around.

toronto rent

There is a separate mini kitchen, though it is cramped. Photo from the Kijiji listing.

The bathroom actually includes what looks like a very pricey multi-function shower panel, which may be the best feature in the place, along with the portable electric fireplace that is presumably necessary for heat in the colder months. There is also a small closet space for clothing storage if the one dresser isn't enough for you.

toronto rent

The luxury showerhead is undeniably the best feature of the apartment. Photo from the Kijiji listing.

Sadly, the "microwave and dining table in the bedroom" thing isn't reserved to just this unit, as a few other rooms for rent in the city right now appear have the same setup, or worse, particularly aimed at students who are on a budget and may accept more dorm-style living.

Also particularly concerning in this apartment are the bars on the one small basement window (above the fire hazard of a bedroom toaster oven, no less), which can hopefully be easily removed in case of fire.

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