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Patch of grass is for sale in Toronto for $1.1 million

Toronto's real estate has always been rather... interesting. From strange living spaces, creepy rentals, and questionable tenant requirements, the city serves no shortage of quirky listings.

However, when it comes to astronomical asking prices, this recent posting might just take the cake.

This patch of grass that was recently posted for sale is located at 69 Coxwell Avenue. It's categorized as a "vacant land" and is on sale for a whopping $1.1 million.

The listing describes the land as a "blank canvas, approved and all fees paid for construction of duplex including parking complete with architects rendering and plans."

The listing is allegedly the perfect location for a builder or owner to live in with "fantastic rental income."It's near the corner

The land size is 25 by 110 feet and boasts two parking spaces. Annual property taxes also come in at just under $3000.

If you're interested in purchasing the patch of grass, you definitely can't move in right away.

However, if you're more interested in building your dream home, then a vacant patch of land may be all you need.

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