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Kijiji ad seeks someone with a good GPA to rent an apartment in Brampton

It's not uncommon for landlords and tenants to have some unusual requests, but a Brampton basement that recently went up for rent might take the cake when it comes to unusual requirements.

In an ad posted to the advertising website Kijiji, the brand new, two-bedroom basement is up for rent near a popular intersection in Brampton.

However, if this rental unit looks like your cup of tea, you might want to read the fine print, as the owner is asking for "responsible, quiet clean working professionals," and to top it all off "students with good GPA only."

Among other requests are that the tenant is a non-smoker, and bring no alcohol, drugs or weed to the rental unit.

brampton apartment rent

A private seller posted this listing for an apartment tenant to Kijiji roughly 15 days ago. No takers yet. Image via Kijiji.

A Tik Tok video of the Kijiji ad posted by user @nitinohri1 has garnered almost 100K views, and the comments are filled with hilarious reactions.

One person asked, "is there any discount for high honours?"

Another person said that a "good GPA doesn't mean a good human."

One other person defended the lister and called them a "smart landlord."

The unit costs $1,500 per month to rent, plus 30 per cent of all utility bills. The ad concludes with stating that only "A+ tenants will be considered."

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