82 Cedar Brae Blvd Toronto

This $4 million Toronto home is like a time warp to the 1970s

Sometimes listing photos can be super misleading. 

Take this five-bedroom, three-bathroom bungalow which is listed for $3,880,000

From the red shag carpeting to the flower-power tile in the kitchen and wood panelling, this Scarborough bungalow is a trip. 

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

The kitchen. 

The kitchen looks it came straight out of your grandparents' house in the 1970s, appliances and all. 

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

The main bathroom. 

There's a fully lilac bathroom, which is a bold choice for your morning brushing routine.

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

The wet bar. 

The basement not only has a leather padded bar but also a billiards room complete with bright red carpeting and wood panelling. 

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

The basement. 

The commitment to the aesthetic is definitely strong.

82 cedar brae blvd toronto

The games room.

So based on the interior shots it's hard to understand why the home is going for millions.

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

The living room off the kitchen. 

And sure, the home also probably doesn't look its best because it has been leased out for the last year.

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

A bedroom. 

And some renovations have been done.

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

The primary bedroom. 

The bedrooms upstairs recently had new flooring installed and according to the leasing listing, a new oven was also installed. 

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

The laundry room and potentially a second kitchen. 

Not that a new oven is really a selling point... 

What is the selling point, and what makes the almost $4 million price tag make sense, is the property itself.

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

The family room with a fireplace. 

Despite the dated interiors, this home is sitting on some primo land. 

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

An aerial shot of the property.

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. is on an over 400-foot deep lot. 

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

A photo of the pool from an old listing. 

The backyard has enough space for an in-ground pool, a full backyard, and a full-size tennis court (with lighting). And, this home actually has all those things by the way, which is wild. 

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

A picture of the tennis court from an old listing. 

Although, it's unclear what condition any of them are in since the only photos blogTO could find were from the 2018 listing – and they didn't look great. 

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

A sunroom. 

The listing also mentions that there's more land beyond the tennis court as the home backs onto Hague Park. 

82 Cedar Brae Blvd. Toronto

The front of the home. 

Still that means you'd essentially be paying almost $4 million for grass – and that just doesn't seem worth it. 

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