180 dundas west toronto

Two enormously tall condo towers could soon transform the Toronto skyline

Condo madness is reshaping Toronto's skyline faster than ever, and two more towers have entered the development pipeline that would become staples in the tourist-favourite view north across Nathan Phillips Square.

A parking garage at 200 Dundas Street West and a high-rise office building at 123 Edward Street could soon be replaced by a pair of soaring 72-storey condominium towers in a new development proposal tabled by Crown Realty Partners.

180 dundas west torontoThe new Turner Fleischer Architects-designed towers would wrap around the existing 25-storey building on 180 Dundas Street West, proposed to reach impressive heights of 223 metres.

If built today, the buildings would tie with the iconic TD Bank Tower as Toronto's 14th-tallest.

180 dundas west torontoThe tower designs present sleek faces with clean grid patterns juxtaposed against drawer-like expanses of balconies with varying depths, creating an interesting push-pull effect.

180 dundas west toronto

Most of the proposal's over 124,850 square metres of floor area would be dedicated to condominium units, though just over 223 square metres of commercial space is planned for the ground floor.

180 dundas west toronto

The proposal calls for 1,889 condominium units, planned in a mix of 87 studios, 1,116 one-bedrooms, 486 two-bedrooms, and 199 three-bedroom units.

180 dundas west toronto

Demolition of the shorter office tower at 123 Edward Street accommodates the northeast tower footprint as well as proposed public parkland.

A 307 square metre public park would be built at the northwest corner of the site, which would be dedicated to the city to satisfy parkland dedication requirements for new developments.

The space would feature a mix of seating and canopy trees at its east end, with paving — designed to minimize the urban heat island effect — providing a seamless transition between the park and abutting sidewalks.

180 dundas west torontoWhile these new additions would undoubtedly transform the Toronto skyline, they would come at the cost of a Modernist gem with the planned demolition of the Toronto Professional Building at 123 Edward Street.

The 15-storey office tower was constructed in 1964, another era that saw Toronto redefine itself through intense high-rise development.

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Turner Fleischer Architects

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