374 Joicey Blvd Toronto

This is what you can get for $2 million in Toronto's housing market these days

This two-bed, two-bath home has been on and off the market since December last year. Believe it or not it was actually first listed for $2,475,000 when it first hit the market.

Now it's down a touch at $2,295,000 but in my humble opinion that's still WAY too high. I'm actually a bit baffled as to why the realtor or homeowner thinks they can get $2 million for a mediocre-at-best bungalow. 

374 Joicey Blvd Toronto

The basement. 

If you look at the similar listings in the area there are clearly way nicer houses for equivalent listing prices – like this three-bedroom renovated home or this spacious four-bedroom home.

374 Joicey Blvd Toronto

The home has two kitchens. This is the basement one. 

The 374 Joicey Blvd. listing emphasizes that this home is in a desirable location – close to the 401, good schools and within walking distance of amenities.  But I'm not really convinced that the location is a selling point here.  

374 Joicey Blvd Toronto

One of the bedrooms. 

The house is right on the corner of Bathurst Street so it's going to be loud AF and since when is being close to the nightmare that is the 401 a good thing?

374 Joicey Blvd Toronto

The upstairs kitchen. 

Not to mention, the home is still 23 minutes away from the nearest subway station, got a walk score of 67 and a bike score of 53. None of that is terrible but it's definitely not great. 

374 Joicey Blvd Toronto

The backyard. 

The listing also mentions a spacious backyard, which is great but doesn't justify the listing price. Also in the photos it's covered by snow so it's hard to tell if it's really nice in the summer but somehow I doubt it. 

374 Joicey Blvd Toronto

The home has a detached garage. 

That being said, the lot size is good with about 50 by 115 feet of space, so theoretically this property is ideal to knock down and build a new house on, especially when you get a glimpse of the outdated interiors. 

374 Joicey Blvd Toronto

The living room and dining room. 

And yet $2 million just for under 6,000 square-feet of land in a meh area? WHY?!? Am I missing something?? Is this sitting on oil? Or is this just Toronto real estate? Please say it ain't so. 

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