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These are the Toronto condo buildings that the most buyers are looking at

After a brief dip in prices and sales volumes that meant some pretty decent bargains for buyers, Toronto's condo market is booming again, catching up with other types of real estate that have seen record numbers despite the state of the world right now.

Though the GTA has its share of exorbitantly pricey and somewhat more affordable locales, some may wonder which are the most desirable among those looking to own a home.

When it comes to condos in particular, T.O. condo website Strata has analyzed what buildings people are eyeing in the GTA right now, and compiled a new list of the ones most-searched by those looking to get into the market.

All of the top 10 save for one, unsurprisingly, are in Toronto, but are interestingly scattered across various neighbourhoods in the city. And, two of the ten are actually townhouse complexes that are divvied up into separate units and run as condo corporations.

toronto condos

92 King St East - King Plaza

This 30-year-old, 17-storey building at King and Church may not seem like the most obvious choice, but could be popular due to the fact that condos are all generously sized at a minimum of 668 square feet (as opposed to the stereotypical shoe box units in newer builds), and have gone for a not-too-ridiculous $738 per square feet, on average, in the last year. 

The complex is also close to a ton of downtown attractions including the Distillery District and St. Lawrence Market, and has the standard amenities you would expect, like a gym, party room, concierge and rooftop terrace.

toronto condos

1-47 Sudbury St - King West Townhomes

Not your typical condo, these units near King and Shaw are in high demand, perhaps because of the fact that they feel more like an actual house — which hardly any of us will ever be able to afford in Toronto — than a skyrise.

Another older build (completed in 1999), these units are listed as in high demand by Strata, with only 180 in total.

As with the previous building, there are micro-condos here, with homes starting at 625 square feet. But, prices aren't exactly cheap, with the most recently sold unit being a two-bedroom, one-bathroom that went for $815,000.

toronto condos

120 Bayview Ave & 398 Front St East - Canary Park

The up-and-coming Canary District is developing fast, with a lot of new and forthcoming buildings to choose from, including this new complex.

The average price among units sold in the last year isn't cheap, though, at $1,023 per square feet, including a 1+1 bedroom, one-bathroom unit under 700 square feet that sold over asking this month for $622,000, and a 1+1 bedroom, one bathroom unit under 800 square feet that went for a painful $737,000 (perhaps because it came with parking).

toronto condos

88 Colgate Ave - Showcase Lofts

With their high ceilings, open concepts, and exposed brick, loft apartments are always in demand, like those in this building tucked just north of Queen East and Carlaw in Leslieville.

But with an average price of $1,136 per square foot, a 594 square foot one-bedroom unit currently listed for $729,900 and even smaller apartments renting for $1,700+ a month, this isn't a cheap building to get into.

toronto condos

2055 Danforth Ave - Carmelina Condos

Right on the Danforth near Woodbine, these in-demand units are more affordable than most comparable buildings at $873 per square foot, especially being a newer building.

Unfortunately, nothing in the building is up for sale at the moment, and with condo prices going up, who knows what pricing will look like when one pops up again.

toronto condos

1830 Bloor St West - High Park Residences

Overlooking the city's largest park, there are currently four condos up for grabs in this much-searched building near Bloor and Parkside — sadly, two of them are over the million dollar mark, though.

But, the remaining two are one-bedrooms in the $600s — typical for the market, though the high demand may mean they get bid up.

toronto condos

812 Lansdowne Ave - Upside Down Condos II

There's no indication as to why Upside Down Condos II is more intriguing to would-be home owners more than Upside Down Condos I, but this building at Dupont and Landsdowne is in the ever-desirable Junction, with prices averaging around $914 per square foot.

It's also another building with no units on the market at the moment, though a ton of people are keeping their eyes peeled.

toronto condos

1093 Queen St W & 106 Dovercourt Rd - TEN93 Condos

It's easy to understand why these virtually brand new units above a Rexall on West Queen West are in demand, with an amazing walk and transit score, tons to do in the trendy area, and only 134 units in the boutique building.

Some of the homes are quite small at just 460 square feet, but there's a slightly larger one-bedroom currently on the market for $599,000 — not the worst deal for downtown Toronto currently, all things considered.

toronto condos

1100 Kingston Rd - Kingston & Co Condos

This is another snazzy new building that has less than 200 units, but this time, way east of the downtown core, in Scarborough near Kingston and Victoria Park.

But just because it's not right downtown doesn't mean that buyers aren't interested in these condos, most of which are larger than average at over 800 square feet and have bougier finishes than most.

It's also super close to Woodbine Beach — key for summer activities.

A one-bedroom, one-bath in the building is currently listed at an affordable $567,000, with two two-bedroom/two baths for sale in the $700s.

toronto condos

3895 Doug Leavens Blvd

Another condo complex that doesn't feel like a condo in the traditional sense, living here would come along with individual garages, front doors, and units spanning multiple floors.

Strata lists the units here as "essentially attached houses that sell in the mid-$700s in a great area," which sounds fantastic for anyone looking for a house who can't afford Toronto's average price of nearly $1 million (over $1.5 million for a detached home) and is willing to settle outside of the city proper.

Those interested will have to keep checking back until something comes up, though, as there aren't any listings for sale or rent at this address right now.

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