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This $1.4 million loft in Toronto has a hammock floor you can sleep on

If you're looking to bring some seriously chill vibes into 2021 and have $1.4 million laying around, this newly designed Toronto space has a floor that is actually a hammock. 

Designed by Damon Snider who's also behind local bar The Dive Shop and has done work for Rasa, Love Child and more, the space in the Beaches was totally gutted in 2020.

"The biggest undertaking was building a second mezzanine with an industrial steel grating bridge to connect it to the original mezzanine where the bedroom is.  I wanted to maximize space in the loft and take advantage of the 20-foot ceiling, but also not close the space in and cut off the natural light coming from the existing skylights," Snider told blogTO.

"The hammock floor in the mezzanine was a great solution to create functional space while still allowing light to pass through the netting to the living room below.  The additional 242 square feet that I added provides for a home office and reading nook, and can also double as a place for a guest to sleep."

Snider drew inspiration for the redesign of the space from the area surrounding the building, a 12-unit factory conversion about a block away from the beach.

"My design inspiration was New York meets California, where I wanted to incorporate many industrial elements with softer materials to create a cozy yet structured vibe," says Snider.

"Some of the custom furniture that I built reflects this theme, from an indoor street light lamp, to a telephone booth phone charging station, to a heavy duty boiler room door that opens up into a liquor pantry.  However I did want to make sure that the overall feel of the space was more modern, so the kitchen has very clean lines."

The hammock itself is capable of holding up to 4,300 pounds, and it's about 10 feet by 10 feet, so it's totally secure with lots of room to lounge. Though it's technically a one bedroom, the new mezzanine is 242 square feet including the bridge, and the total square footage of the loft is approximately 1,300.

In addition to the hammock loft, the unit also has a hidden liquor pantry, so if you like to keep both your booze and yourself tucked away from the main area of the house this could be the place for you.

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Damon Snider

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