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This is what a $2 million house looks like in Toronto vs other cities

Toronto may not have the most expensive housing market in Ontario, but it's still not an affordable city by any means. 

Any home costing $2 million is nearly three times the price of the average home these days, meaning it's well above the means of the average household making $65,829 a year. Still, a Torontonian can dream of an elegant two-storey close to lush green space, can't they? 

Here's what a $2 million house looks like in Toronto versus other cities. 

Toronto - $1,999,999 CAD

Just steps from the beautiful Mount Pleasant Cemetery, the tree canopy in the Moore Park Ravine, and the sprawling David A. Balfour Park, this five-bedroom home's real value is its proximity to the city's most scenic artery and green spaces.  

toronto real estateMontreal - $1,999,999 CAD

Sandwiched between nature hotspot Mont Royal and Montreal's touristic Golden Square Mile neighbourhood, this two-storey home maintains its old Victorian exterior from 1927, but like most of the houses in this neighbourhood, it's been totally renovated inside. 

real estate toronto

Vancouver - $1,999,999 CAD

The Hastings-Sunrise area is quickly becoming a hotspot for young professionals, and therefore condos, but it's definitely not the most expensive part of Vancity. Two-million can get you half of this duplex rebuilt by sustainable homes-designer Natural Balance

real estate toronto

Calgary - $1,999,000 CAD

This spacious five-bedroom home in the tree-lined Mayfair neighbourhood boasts a massive property, including a fitness room and a home theater. It also has direct walking access to the green spaces along the Glenmore Pathway, which runs along Elbow River. real estate toronto

Los Angeles - $2,006,540 CAD

This quaint Spanish home in the tiny historic Carthay Square neighbourhood was built in 1927 and features three bedrooms, a fireplace, and an incredible backyard with a covered pavilion for outdoor dinners, complete with orange and grapefruit trees.

real estate torontoNew Orleans - $2,020,882 CAD

It's well over $2 million, but there aren't currently many options between this five-bedroom and and homes costing well under at $1.95 million in NOLA. An extra 20K gets this unique uptown home built in 1928, just moments from NOLA's historic sprawling Audubon Park

toronto real estateMalaga, Spain - $2,011,971 CAD

This luxury villa sits right on the coast of the Alboran Sea. The breezy square architecture of this glamourous-looking getaway has its own private pool, garden, and terrace facing the water, and five bedrooms and bathrooms to match. 

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