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Radar: The New Deal, Metro book signing, Slap Shot, Zine Zone, White Cowbell Oklahoma, Crunch! Naco's Closing Party, Latkepalooza, Vibonics Holiday Jam, Losing Site launch


The New Deal, the local and near-legendary pioneers of 'live-tronica' have officially decided to call it quits and play their last few shows as a final sendoff to their many fans, and tonight is their hometown finale! The New Deal were one of the bands that bridged the gap between the 'jamband' and 'rave' scenes, melding the possibilities of extended live improvisation with the sounds and rhythms of electronic music. This sort of thing is now widespread in the US and beyond, and entire festivals have been created to accommodate this 'new' approach to music making, but when these guys started doing it 13 years ago, this was not the case. They very quickly made a big a big splash on the US circuit as well as internationally, and 10 albums, and thousands of shows later, the band is surrendering to the lives and careers of its individual members. In some ways, it's a sad day for TO music history, but it's hard to think that way when you consider the kind of party that will be going down at The Opera House tonight! Scientists Of Sound and Sam Klass will get the ball rolling.
The Opera House (735 Queen Street East) $25 - $55

Design | Metro: Design in Motion book signing
So the TTC is jacking fares and cutting (some) service. What about a transit system that works? While it might be tough to take sometimes, Montreal has this one down so much better than we do. If you're curious why, you could do worse than a look at Dominion Modern's latest offering, Metro: Design in Motion by the ever-engaged Jean Martins-Manteiga. This is a gorgeous book from an insightful writer. What better Christmas/holiday gift than a signed copy? For more on the book, check out our post on its initial launch.
INabstracto, 1160 Queen Street Wes, 12pm - 5pm

FILM | Slap Shot 35mm screening for the Team Up Foundation
The Underground Cinema will be showing the classic "Slap Shot" tonight, to raise some funds for a good cause. The Team Up Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping underprivileged children participate and enjoy team sports by providing coaching, equipment and facilities. Let's hope none of those kids are in attendance for tonight's screening, because "Slap Shot", a Paul Newman adult classic from 1978 is a hilarious story of a hockey team with little to lose, that turns to violent play to get ahead, and it works! Not a good message for the kids, but a great film, nonetheless! The author of "The Making of Slap Shot", Jonathon Jackson will be chatting up attendees, and selling copies of his book, and there will be "Slap Shot" merch for sale. You can also pop by early and see the Leaf game from 7pm.
Toronto Underground Cinema (186 Spadina Avenue) 10PM $10

This afternoon, XSPACE is holding their second annual Zine Zone! It's a 'zine fair, but more than that. This is a great chance to check out the work of local artists and get some possible shopping done, too. A truly wonderful thing about the holiday season in TO is the many sales like these, that are a treat for the eyes when browsing, almost like an art show, but you can also experience it as an outing to get some folks on your 'list' taken care of, while keeping things local, and channel some funds into the arts community, where it is always needed! In addition to the 'zines, you can check out comics and small press goodies, plus fine art prints, crafts, food, and more! There will also be music provided by DJs As Is, Escher, and others to keep things interesting.
XPACE Cultural Centre (58 Ossington Avenue) 11:30AM - 5:30PM

MUSIC | White Cowbell Oklahoma with The Schomberg Fair & Darlings Of Chelsea
Dreaming of a "White Christmas"? It could come true at Lee's tonight! Of course, it comes with a little extra "cowbell" for good measure. Yes, the White Cowbell Oklahoma boys will be rocking the house tonight, and taking no prisoners! If you have ever seen one of their shows, you will know for sure that things can get dangerous, and these guys are never in danger of being accused of political correctness, or holding back on any level. That could be the secret of their success. The Schomberg Fair and Darlings of Chelsea will also be contributing to the evening's dangerously high level of rockingness. Bring your haz-mat gear and you should be good!
Lee's Palace (529 Bloor Street West) 9PM $18



CULTURE | 2nd Annual Latkepalooza
Those mensches at Kaplansky's can make a great latke! Just in case you are unacquainted with this great culinary delight, the latke is a fried potato pancake, often served with apple sauce and sour cream, and is often associated with Chanukkah, but is actually served year round wherever Ashkenaz eats can be found. What is so special about a "potato pancake" you might ask? Good question - nearly every culture has something similar in their kitchen, from the yummy, Indo aloo-tikki to German reibekuchen to the Korean gamjajeon - you get the picture. However, there's something special about the latke: made with onion, and some chicken fat if it's around.... Oy! Good eats. The only thing better is a whole whack of them, and that's where tonight's Latkepalooza at Kaplansky's comes in! Get there early to sign up, and wear the loose pants, because you're going to fress and push the envelope here - show them how it's done!
Caplansky's Delicatessen (356 College Street) 8PM

BOOKS & LIT | "Losing Site: Architecture, Memory and Place" launch
Shelley Hornstein is an Associate Professor of both Architectural History and Visual Culture at York U, and she launches her new book, "Losing Site: Architecture, Memory and Place" this evening at The Gladstone Hotel. This thought provoking work examines the relationship between architecture and memory. This is a connection that has been touched on before, but here Hornstein makes it the focus of her work. Interesting questions are raised here: is architecture merely physical structures, or more than this? As humans, "place" tends to be among the top things we take stock of when we "map" things in our our minds as memories. Hornstein explores these notions, and also connects architecture to other disciplines such as geography, urban landscapes, visual culture and more.
Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen Street West) 6PM

MUSIC | Vibonics Holiday Jam: PARTY AT SANTA'S!
Santa likes to party, but he needs good tunes to do so! That's why you might just catch him at tonight's Holiday Jam. Chances are if you do run into him, he'll buy you a beer: he's awesome like that. Even if that doesn't happen, the music will make your popping in to this event worthwhile! Vibonics are a 6-piece group that have the soulful, groovy thing down, as is the case with Cool Man Cool - a very funky outfit. Also in the house to keep the fires burning are Inner City Grooves, MC FÜBB & The Responsables, and Mushy Callahan. Should be good!
Hard Luck Bar (772A Dundas Street West) 8PM $10 / $7 before 10pm

COMEDY | Comedy Records @ Clintons Tavern
This is a comedy event that has a buzz out there! Word is: it's a serious party. This is a monthly thing that is going down at Clinton's on Bloor, and it is hosted tonight by Nick Reynoldson. A serious comic lineup has been assembled here, including: Tim Nasiopoulos, Matt O'brien, Monty Scott, K Trevor Wilson, and Barry Taylor. They say that "laughter is the best medicine", and coming out to Clinton's tonight is going to be so much more fun than a flu shot, so check it out!
Clintons Tavern (693 Bloor Street West) 8:30pm $5


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