Weekend Radar: Zombie Costumes, Free Pancake Breakfast, Catstravaganza, Next Music from Tokyo Vol. II, Indie Week Finals, Sunday Night Live w/ Host Kevin McDonald


WORKSHOP | Make Your Own Monster/Zombie Costume on a Budget
Thea Munster, (nice name) of the Toronto Zombie Walk is holding a workshop to teach those interested how to make a zombie costume on the cheap. Well if I know anything about zombies it ain't gonna be cheap. You're going to need white robes for you and all your buds, about 30 lbs of enchanted voodoo chains, shaman chant books, the blood and hair of an albino you hate and a shark to fight once the transformation is complete. Lets see you find all those in your grandmother's pantry!
Community Room - Malvern Branch (30 Sewells Road) 6pm - 8:30

CITY | Unlockthecity
Un-lock the city oh I get it! It's a scavenger hunt! Collect mustache trimmings from a barber in Bloorcourt, buy some cabbage in Cabbagetown, get a vial of bed bug eggs from a large hotel. How hard could this be?
Registration for this event is now open! Space is limited.
Pre-registration is required. Get more details at visit - Fee: $35/person - E-mail:
Start Line: Extreme Fitness

FOOD | Concert Cooks for Berczy Park - Free Pancake Breakfast
Who doesn't enjoy a good stack of flap-jacks in the wilderness? It makes you feel rough, tough like you've never had enough of being awesome. The cowboy way. So bring the whole family out to St. Lawrence Market where Concert will be serving 'em up with little or no mercy and you can make up for all those forgotten birthdays! (Tip: Don't tell your kids it's free and you'll be seen as a hero.)
Berczy Park 8am-10am

FILM | FREE Film and Screenplay Festival
WILDsound and the NFB are holding a FREE (as in costs no money) short film festival followed by a screenplay contest. This should be a good outting for all you film geeks out there and don't worry it's relatively early so you'll all be able to get back home and finish writing that blog about why Justin Lin is better than Godard. (Way better.)
National Film Board Cinemas 150 John Street -

FELINES | Cat Extravaganza
Oh my god someone DID come up with the cutest event ever! Cat breeders, cat vendors, cat experts ... there better be cats there. Oh and there's a kitty agility course so you can see if your feline has got the right stuff. Show all those other flea-bags that your mouse-murderer is top tomato! Or does mittens not have the gusto?
245 Queens Quay, North Building 12-5pm

MUSIC | Sophie and Laura play Grand Funk
As Austin Powers once eloquently exclaimed: "Twins!" A so-long-for-now bash for Sophie and Laura, 751 is gonna rip Saturday night a big 'ol new one with funk tunes all night long upstairs and gangsta' rap intimidating kids from the suburbs downstairs. YES! $5 cover gets you into both parties with 751 boasting 'powerfully cheap drinks.' Goodness.
751 Queen Street West


MUSIC | NEXT MUSIC from TOKYO Vol.2 @ The Velvet Underground
Japan has given lots of gifts to the world over the years. Men in white gloves who push people onto subway cars, Sushi, Takashi Miike, A big mountain, really kinky sexual practices and a weather control machine, (we're not supposed to know about that one yet). Well four more come this way in the form of some really wicked indie rock groups. As part of Next Music's cross-Canada tour Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs, sgt., uhnellys and susquatch are going to literally blow the minds of EVERYONE at Velvet Underground so be there! This show is really going to rock and I very much hope that Natsuko of Dregs will marry me someday. Maybe this Sunday???
The Velvet Underground, check website for details

CONVENTION | Toronto Card Show: Card & Memorabilia Show
What more is there to say about this one? If you like cards or memorabilia and you want to view them ... come to this place. Garbage Pail Kids stack anyone??? With 3000 square feet there had better be! Maybe a Steve Allen POG.
Leaside Gardens, 10am-4pm

MUSIC | Indie Week FINALS!
This is it folks the exciting culmination of Indie Week. All the plaid-clad indie bands that rolled through Toronto have been narrowed down to 10 groups. These brave warriors will compete for a trip to tour Ireland! Who's going to rock harder than St. Blarney's shillelagh and win the pot-'o-gold? (Colin Farrell voice)
Tattoo Rock Parlour, 567 Queen Street West, Doors 6 pm
Cover: $10

COMEDY | Sunday Night Live
Well there are Canadian Comedy awards happening this weekend and The Sketchersons are nominated for Best Sketch Troupe. They must be really good at drawing. See what I did just there? I should be nominated for Best Scout Troupe or whatever. I can be humorous, like this one Halloween about a year ago I saw this little kid dressed as a ghost just beef it super hard while running on someone's lawn. Priceless. So Kevin McDonald, some kid in a hall is going to be hosting Sunday Night Live and it promises to quite the hum-dinger of an evening with special guests and a surprise musical act. Wonder who. More-so I wonder if anyone is going to do an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation? That would ... kill? Comedy. Right there.
Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor St West, $10, 9:30pm

POETRY | The Roots Lounge Open Mic and Poetry Slam
That's right poetry! Poetry slam to be exact. Ladies like poetry as do old people so go, immerse, learn, perform? Your call bud. Did I mention that ladies and older citizens like poetry? So it's a win for everyone! Poem: Poetry Or Electric Music. There's also open mic musical acts! Bring a date, bring some friends, bring a french hat and get ready to snap your fingers, to death yo! How now brown bureaucrat?
8pm @ The Kapisanan Philippine Centre, 167 Augusta Avenue, $5

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