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Radar: Strip Spelling Bee, Creativ Festival, Sound Battle Royale, Cannibal Ferox, Hot Karls

EDUCATION | Strip Spelling Bee in Toronto: Halloween Edition
For some reason I'm instantly drawn back to those smutty GQ pics of the teenagers from Glee and (in regards to this event) at the risk of sounding like a total perv, Ohhhh yeah! Finally a way to get down for intelligent boys and girls. Please raise your goblets of prune juice. To the intellectuals! I'm told this sordid display of puerile jubilation is very much like strip poker but it's a spelling bee. Well I suppose the young ladies who live closer to the planet lexicon will retain the most clothing/glory. Oh, yeah! Shake it, madam. Capital knockers!
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (12 Alexander Street), Sign-up at 10 PM sharp! Bee starts at 10:30 PM, $10 at the door, 18+

ART | Creativ Festival
Speaking of spelling, we're doing 'creative' without the 'e' now? How creative. Ah I'm just messin' around -- this event sounds great if you love knitting, beading, needlework, home decor or anything fun and artistic in that vein. A friend of mine is a pro knitter and she would absolutely love this show (and probably give me a smack for that 'creative' crack). This get-together boasts an array of industry experts holding over two hundred hands-on conference workshops. Now that's a lot to cover even in three days but if you hustle your buns I think you can do it! Do it! Hustle and flow all over the craft show!
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Check out www.csnf/com for details

MUSIC | Sound Battle Royale: The Critical Beatdown w/ Special Guest Jake One
In each of us there burns the fury of a warrior. In every generation a few are chosen to prove it. Four strangers will travel to the mystical realm of Wrongbar to defend our people against bad vibes and his forces of darkness in an ancient tournament. One more victory, ("your soul is mine") and our world, ("noooo") is theirs. ("It has begun!") SOUND BATTLE ROYALE! ("You can't run from me bad vibes!" "I don't need to run!") Fresh Kils. Memorecks. Peter Project. Silas. CRITICAL BEATDOWN! Combat begins.
Wrongbar. (1279 Queen St. W) 10pm, (By the way that was the Mortal Kombat trailer up there).

FILM | Exploitation Alley: Cannibal Ferox
Also known as "Woman From Deep River," Cannibal Ferox is just one of your typical Italian, 'Young people go into the jungle, mess with the natives, get eaten' flicks that emerged during the good grindhouse wave of the 70s and 80s. The bad grindhouse wave is the current fanboy trend of viewing and 'enjoying' grindhouse movies only after they see a pirated download of the movie "Grindhouse" on their dorm-mate's macbook. (Thanks for that Fergie.) Well whether your into this because Kevin Smith told you to be or because you actually enjoy these old movies or even if you genuinely think they're the greatest films ever made and that "Secretariat" can eat it ... this should be a fun evening all around!
7pm Toronto Underground Cinema (186 Spadina Ave), $8 - Bring your awesome

MUSIC | The Hot Karls + TBA **FREE SHOW**
So I was digging into an old Little Archie comic and I came across the strangest scene. Little Archie and Jughead were sitting at Pop Tate's enjoying some tasty malts. Archie was knee-deep in studying and, of course, Jughead was staring out the window daydreaming (what a rascal). "Juggy when are you going to study for Grundy's math test?" "Arch bud, I love ya but why do you always have to act like such a little bitch? I'm so freaking bored, lets catch a punk show at Bovine Sex Club." I swear to god that was actually in the issue, I kid you not! "Jughead if we don't study and get good grades then we won't get into a reputable state college." Veronica then strutted by outside sporting a leather bikini top and a Kat Von D amount of tats and make-up. "Holy crap Archie check out Veronica she looks just like Mandy Morbid! SHE'S going to Bovine to see The Hot Karls cover the best punk from yesterday, today and beyond!" "Knowledge is power Juggy." "My name is Ram-Rod, loser and I've got a wicked buzz going from all these malts so I'm gonna motor to the show and rip it up!" I think the really bizarre thing was that the comic also had this:
Bovine Sex Club (542 Queen Street West), Free / 9:00pm / 19+

Upcoming/Sponsored Event

COMEDY NIGHT/FUNDRAISER | DundeeWealth's Stand Up for Kids
On October 26th, Demetri Martin, Steven Wright plus some of our country's most successful comedians will take the stage at the Telus Centre for Performance and Learning (Koerner Hall) for a special fundraiser benefiting charities assisting youth at risk in Canada. Start time 7:30pm. Tickets $75. For complete info, check out the event's web site.

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