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Radar: Les Frauleins record release, The Velvet Divide, Pumpkin Carving Contest, Paws for the Cause, Creepy Classics

MUSIC | Les Frauleins' record release w/ The Tropics
You may not know this but Les Frauleins are from neither Germany or France, (but they can see down your underpants) and they're not even all women! And you know what else? No one from the actual Hawaiian Tropics swimsuit team will be coming, Al Gore will not be at the event and there will be absolutely no elks on stage. That would be downright nutty. What you can bet your bums there will be is no shortage of ear-popping, eye-splitting, fancy-shoe-wearing rock and roll music! Ja. Oui.
El Mocambo (464 Spadina Ave) 830pm-2am

ART | The Velvet Divide - Art of Burlesque
Sure you've looked at burlesque but have you ever really seen it? Pretty deep, eh? Seven photographers show off their portfolios of burlesque photography. It's a pretty interesting event delving deeper into this fast growing sub-culture. Running this evening at 7:30 until Nov 14th ... probably around 5.
Hang Man Gallery (756 Queen St. E.)

CONTEST | Pumpkin Carving Contest
Well it seems the season of mass vegetable slaughter is still with us and now we're being judged for our mutilations. This is what happens when kids listen to rock and roll music. (We should have killed K.I.S.S. when we had the chance.) Weird rituals of torture and mayhem masquerading as fun, holiday events that everyone will love?
The Gild (352 Dupont), 8:30pm - 1am

FASHION | Paws for the Cause
When I first heard about this dog fashion show I thought, "Oh I have so many ugly friends that would love this!" Then I realized it's merely actual dogs being paraded in circus get-ups for my amusement. Still could be a lot of fun. I have faith.
Red Bull 381 Projects (381 Queen St. W # 200), 8 p.m.

It's 2010 and if you haven't seen the original "It's ALIVE" Frankenstein movie then you are in serious trouble from the seven billion other people who have. So make sure your first viewing is done right and on the big screen and you'll have something to tell people so they don't beat you up. But hold on now it'll come soon enough. First on the double bill is She Wolf of London, ('46) a tale of a young, single she-wolf trying to make it in the fast-paced big city ... while still remembering who she is. I may cry.
Both screenings are $7 each for members and $10 for non-members. Memberships available at the door
7pm, The Fox Theatre (2236 Queen St. E)

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