Loree Erickson's Latest Film Gets Off Where the Going's Tough

If you, like me, didn't attend the Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Festival you have another opportunity to see what was apparently one of the best documentaries screened there: Want by Loree Erickson.

Dealing with issues of discrimination when it comes to the sex lives of the disabled, Erickson is interested in depicting sexuality as just another aspect of living life to the fullest, a struggle that the physically-disabled, mentally-handicapped and elderly are all too familiar with.

Even if the idea of disabled people having sex disturbs you (hell, especially if that's the case), my friends tell me that everyone should take a crack at this film which ably explores that elephant-in-the-room topic with humor and compassion.

Thankfully, we're in luck. We actually have a second chance before this doc shows up at the NFB or wherever.

My sources tell me that Erickson will be showing a sneak preview of Want (as well as her other film Sexxxy!) at her upcoming art show at Come As You Are. Possessing one of the best titles I've seen in awhile, Revealing Femmegimp happens tomorrow, on the 4th of June (which is a Monday), at 7pm. The exhibit also features a collection of her photography.

Additionally, Erickson is currently planning Axcsexxxable, a completely accessible sex party that will be held sometime in August. If you'd like to give her a hand, send an e-mail to monstergrrrl@gmail.com and she'll hook you up.

If you all of this scares you, you could always go to the upcoming Sex Show but in a culture that's all too happy to airbrush and package sex for willing consumers, awareness of issues surrounding its accessibility for the marginalized amongst us can only be a good thing.

Revealing Femmegimp
Come As You Are
701 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON M6J 1E6

For more information, call 416-504-7934.


Photo: Ms. Mac

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