Toolbox Time in Toronto

Toronto photographer Christine Ablett's uses her best tools for her latest erotic photographic series.

Toolbox debuted at Gallery X last month, but will come to Come as You Are begining Jan. 2 and runs until the end of the month.

It's taken Ablett over a year to finish the "titillating" 24-month calendar for 2007/2008 exposing the eroticism of tools and celebrating the people who use them. Think kinkier than Tim Allen when it comes to these images. Even licking a cordless Black and Decker can too be sexy...as long as the switch is turned to "off." And it's slightly more risque than me sitting on my dad's juicer.

And unlike most erotic photographic projects, the models used were friends (hopefully with benefits!) and acquaintances of the photographer. "Each of the photographs represent each model's personal fetish, something they wanted to share," she explains. "It was important to me that everyday people from all genders and sexualities be represented, sharing their fantasies in an intimate way. And that takes a lot of courage."

A visual artist for over 12 years in this city, Ablett has always been passionate about sex-positive images depicted in her prints and about making art accessible to the masses. "I made this series into a calendar to give greater access to art, something that can be prohibitively expensive to the average person," Ablett notes.

Reception party for Toolbox is on Fri., Jan. 5, 2007 from 9 p.m. until midnight at Come As You Are (701 Queen St. W. in Toronto.)

Calendars are $30 each. For a peak inside and to order a calendar, go to http://www.capstudios.com/calendar.

Photo from Capstudios.com.

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