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Toronto through the lens of Sara Collaton

Toronto is a hub of photography. In addition to being one of the most photographed cities in the world, some of the best professional and amateur photographers out there can be found roaming our streets with camera in hand. In light of such local talent, every Saturday we'll feature the work of a Toronto-based photographer in our new series "Toronto through the lens of."

Up first is Sara Collaton.

What attracted you to photography in the first place?

It was an unfortunate situation that turned out to be very fortunate. While in college for drawing, my painting teacher told me I'd have no chance at a career as an artist if I stayed there. Discouraged, I left after the first year. Not sure what I wanted to do next, I started playing around with the camera my father gave me - his old Canon AE-1.

What subject matter do you tend to spend the most time working on?

It's a mix between two: live music/concerts and street photography. The first is what usually gets me work in Toronto, while the second one is a fairly new passion.

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Who or what are your main photographic inspirations?

Without a doubt music and films. Because I was only self-taught music, lyrics have always been a source of inspiration for me, and I'm usually drawn to certain filmmakers like Kubrick and Lynch and the ways they've shot their films. Of course there's a great resource of daily inspiration online via photo sites that I love browsing through such as 500px, 4ormat and Flickr.

How many times a week do you get to shoot?

I'd say on average it's about two times a week now. I'd love it to be more, but it's a tough balance with a full time job.

photographer, profile, sara, collaton

What are your favourite places to shoot in Toronto?

Having just moved downtown I can only imagine the places I've yet to see, but two buildings that come to mind are Brookfield Place and the Toronto Reference Library. I can only hope to see more over the next few years and discover new favourites.

If you could shoot anything/anywhere in Toronto where would it be?

More rooftops, the Toronto Reference Library when completely empty, and I'd love have my camera at the top of the CN Tower to do the (new) Edge Walk.


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You can see more of Sara's photos on her website.

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