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Drake just got a new hairstyle and people can't decide who he looks like

BREAKING: Drake has a new hair look. 

I repeat: The Canadian recording artist born Aubrey Drake Graham has changed up his hairstyle again, ditching the braids that replaced his iconic heart haircut (of Certified Lover Boy build-up fame) for some sort of sleek, curly mullet with distinct man bun powers.

"Other than myself…everything has changed," wrote Drizzy when debuting the look on Instagram Thursday evening.

That post contains two photos of Drake among several of his friends on vacation. Both pics show the artist with his hair pulled back into a low bun, but distance, lighting and angles make it hard to truly gauge the coif's texture.

A second post published a few hours later show off Drake's new 'do in all of its greasy glory.

"Give this guy a name…," reads the caption of that post, which includes three photos of Champagne Papi playing roulette and a video in which he's getting what he calls a "luxury" rinse-out.

"What the f*ck, are you dummies still in the 6ix? You guys aren't getting a rinse-out like this, holy, f*cking basic fam," he jokes to the camera as a stylist washes his hair.

"Step your sh*t up dog. And the water's lukewarm! Not even hot, fam."

Drake's friends and fans were quick to dish out name suggestions for the rapper's unique new hairstyle.

"Lionel Drizzy!" wrote Canadian TV host Tyrone Edwards. "RiCõ Rackeroni," wrote rapper Riff Raff, soliciting an applause emoji from Drake.

"IS THAT THE OWNER OF LOS POLLOS HERMANOS!?!?" joked comedian Blake Webber. Canadian Olympic snowboarder Mark McMorris saw another TV character in Drizzy's hairstyle, commenting, "Kenny Powers jetskiiiiiii vibe."

Other choice suggestions from Instagram include: Champagne Escobar, Drizzy Suave, Billy D(rizzy) Williams, Don Drake, Slick Drick, Bad Guy Drizzy Ramon, Cabronpapi, Barry Light, Reverend Al Draketon, "the white lady perm," and Justin Bieber's contribution, "Clarance Donovan aka steezeman deluxe."

Among the many, many famous (and not so famous) figures Drake is being likened to right now, after changing his hair, are Barry White...

The pimp "Beautiful," as portrayed by comedian Donnell Rawlings in the Playa Haters' Ball sketch on Chappelle's Show...

Rick and Morty's Mr. Goldenfold...

Every lunch lady...

Reverend Al Sharpton...

And Katt Williams.

More generally speaking, people on Twitter have said that Drake looks like "a character from GTA: Vice City," a "crooked pawn shop owner from Miami," someone's uncle from the 80s, somebody else's grandmother before she updated her style, a rich old guy, and "every punjabi circa 2008-2011 from Queens."

Nobody can really seem to pin down what Drake's new hairstyle is — Jheri curl shag? Man-lob? Shmullet?

What most people can agree on is that the man has been changing his hair at an exponential rate in recent years, playing around with looks that transcend race and culture.

"People clowning Drake's hair are weird," wrote one fan. "He's half black and white… what kinda hair texture do you think he has?"

Fans also know that a big hair move from Drake tends to come alongside new work. Is he about to drop his most-romantic, 80's-style album yet?

Or maybe he switched up his look to help promote DJ Khaled's new album, on which he is featured in two big tracks. Or maybe he just felt like trying something new.

It's hard to say why Drake decided upon this look, as he never answers the questions I DM him. 

In the end, it's simply fodder for another chapter in the internet history of Drake memes... and money in the pocket of whoever styles the hair of that guy who pretends to be Drake. Good luck emulating this one, guy.

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