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Lil Baby is recording with Drake in Toronto and has been spotted around the city

If you're a Toronto fan of Lil Baby, you're probably a bit pissed that you weren't among those lucky enough to have surprise run-ins with the rapper while he's been spending time in the city in recent days to work on new music with none other than Drake.

The two have collaborated numerous times in the past, and just played together at the Festival Metro Metro in Montreal — a few days after which Drake said during a Twitch livestream from his home that "my brother Lil Baby's in the studio right now, he's cooking up, we're working."

Drake added during the stream, which was for betting site Stake, that the Oakland-born artist would be joining him later for a bit of gambling.

Though Baby is likely mainly chilling (and working) at Drake's Bridle Path home while he's here, he has also been seen out and about, including at a local Shoppers Drug Mart, of all places.

The 24-year-old was caught on video grabbing some drinks and snacks  — a bottle of Crush Cream Soda was the beverage of choice — and was nice enough to stop for some photos and videos with fans, who recognized him right away.

The original clip of the encounter has racked up more than 333,000 views on TikTok in three days, with the poster noting that it took place at a Shoppers near the Eaton Centre and that she still can't believe she got to meet the star in-person.

Those who missed out on a chance encounter with the celeb have been making their feelings clear in comments and posts...

...while others are upset that the news of him being in the city in general wasn't more publicized.

Apparently, Baby has also been serving as a good luck charm for Toronto's favourite export — he entered a room, eerily timed, just after Drake took home a cool $17.9 million in roulette, with the superstar saying he only won "because Baby walked in."

Lil Baby's newest studio album, which is now sure to feature Drizzy, is due out in July.

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