shawn mendes and camila cabello

Shawn Mendes reveals how romance with Camila Cabello started

Celebrity power couple Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been spotted walking hand in hand through Toronto's streets many times over the past couple years, but the two singers were just friends for quite a while before their romance began. 

In an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1, Mendes revealed the exact moment their relationship went from a friendship to something more. 

"I think I was just bugging her along for a long time about how I felt about her," Mendes said during the virtual interview in December.

"I think I was in Calgary or Edmonton, Canada, and I was at dinner with two of my friends and she texted me basically being like, 'Okay, fine. I like you. Okay, fine. This is a thing.' And I have the text, I have this, I screenshotted the text messages. I was like, 'Finally, she caved.' It was so great."

Mendes and Cabello offically started dating in 2019, though they were close friends for roughly four years before that. But despite the lengthy amount of time it took for musicians to get together, Mendes said they were interested in each other from the very beginning. 

Now, roughly two years into the relationship, Mendes said he's learning from Cabello every day. 

"She is completely all in or nothing, And I think that's something that I wasn't at the beginning of our relationship. And I think that a lot of people maybe are afraid to be all in, because if you're all in, then you kind of, it hurts it. The blow hurts that much more if it ends, you know?" he said.

"But she really teaches me that if we have one life and we don't have much time here, it might as well be all in if you're in love with someone and you're there. And I kind of learned that every day."

The Pickering-born artist and his girlfriend have been extra lovey-dovey on social media over the course of the pandemic, sharing photos of themselves kissing in Miami, their adorable dog Tarzan and their time together in Toronto over the Christmas holidays.

"She's so absolutely patient with me, especially when I'm stressed or anything is kind of getting to me," Mendes gushed in the interview. 

"She'll text me. And if I ever am kind of just being bite-y with her and she'd be like, 'It's okay. I love you. No matter what I love you, no matter what.' And it's like, that's real strength and patience and love. But it's amazing. It's like a movie.”

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