Music video threatening TTC workers causes uproar

A music video that appears to have been filmed in TTC stations and on trains around Toronto is stirring up some controversy, with transit officials calling for its immediate removal from YouTube. 

Called NYEAH EH, the song and accompanying video from 6ixReacts — a Toronto-based artist who's best known for sharing funny clips of himself reacting to stuff on Instagram.

"I ain't playing with the TTC..." begins the song, which threatens everything from fare evasion ("Imma walk in for free") to the assault of TTC workers who "want to check ID."

Much of the video is obviously comedic. 6ixReacts and his friends make it rain TTC transfers in a subway car, for instance, and at one point the artist asks a station worker "Wha gwan, Sir? You're blessed?"

Later, however, the same young men are seen stomping on a map of the subway system. They also hold up large wads of TTC Metropasses while 6ixReacts sings about how they're going to walk in for free, which makes no sense.

Most concerning to TTC officials, however, are lyrics like "You wanna check my ID?... Two shots to your dome, nyeah eh?" 

Brad Ross, the TTC's Executive Director of Corporate and Customer Communications, spoke out against the video on Twitter late last week.

"The TTC condemns this video and lyrics in the strongest possible terms. The content threatens extreme violence against TTC employees, which is a criminal act," he wrote. "The TTC has requested YouTube to remove the video from its platform immediately." 

Ross later added that a police report had been filed and that the artists did not have permission to film on TTC property.

News coverage of the ensuing drama started mounting early this week, thrusting 6ixReacts and his video into the spotlight. 

Needless to say, he seems pleased by all the extra exposure.

"Like how this is the #1 trending topic," he wrote on Instagram Stories Tuesday evening over an image of his video on CP24. Several other photos and videos were shared in which the video is seen playing on TV newscasts.

The artist maintains that the lyrics and video were meant to be funny, and many on Twitter are backing him up.

"Are you joking? This guy is a COMEDIAN. It's a song!" wrote one fan in response to Ross' complaint. "He didn't mention a single employee by name, and half the song has nothing to do with the TTC."

"Manz was just tryna make a joke," wrote 6ixReacts himself on Instagram Stories last night. "Never knew they'd take it that srs."

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