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Not everyone happy with Alessia Cara's big win at the Grammys

Alessia Cara was named best new artist last night at the 2018 Grammy Awards, becoming the first Canadian ever to win the award.

Not everyone, however, thought the Brampton-based singer and songwriter was right for the honour. 

Alanis Morissette, Drake and even Justin Bieber have all been nominated as best new artist in the past, but to date nobody born in this country has managed to snag the coveted award.

Cara, 21, was obviously stoked.

"Everyone deserves the same shot," she said in her acceptance speech during last night's ceremony in New York City. "And that goes for everyone — not just those in the industry."

News that the Brampton-born singer and songwriter had won a Grammy got fans riled up to the max online. Cara did launch her career on YouTube, after all.

Those who've been following the artist's career were proud and happy for Cara's success, but many noted that something was off – primarily the category she won an award for

You see, Cara hasn't released an album since Know-It-All in 2015.

She sang on the soundtrack for Disney's Moana in 2016, Zedd's hit track Stay last year, and has made a handful of guest appearances on the albums of other musicians.

She's not exactly a "new" artist, is the point – which some saw as insulting to Cara, and unfair to other artists nominated in the category.

Fans may have felt slighted, but Cara herself appeared to be unfazed last night. Not only did she win the award graciously, she crushed the show's closing performance with Logic and Khalid.

On Monday afternoon, the artist was similarly composed in statement she released via Instagram.

"To address the apparent backlash regarding winning something I had no control over," it reads. "I didn't log onto and submit myself. that's not how it works. I didn't ask to be submitted either because there are other artists that deserve the acknowledgement."

"I'm aware that my music wasn't released yesterday," she continued, "but I'm trying very hard to use the platform I've been given talk about these things and bring light to issues that aren't fair..."

"I will not let everything I've worked for be diminished by people taking offence to my accomplishments and feeling the need to tell me how much I suck," she said.

"Thanks to everyone who's shown me kindness and support along the way," she concluded. "I'll stop talking now."

You can read the full statement on Cara's Instagram profile now.

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