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10 spooky songs from Toronto bands

Spooky songs from Toronto bands are anything but hard to come by when assembling the perfect party playlist. Noise-rock, shadowy ballads and big, spine-chilling beats are key ingredients when scaring any partygoer silly, and lucky for us, plenty of those sounds are born right within our city limits.

Here's a round-up of spooky songs from Toronto bands.

Metric - Monster Hospital
If you're looking to add a little frenetic indie-rock to your monster mash playlist, check yourself into Metric's "Monster Hospital," where fellow patient and formidable front woman Emily Haines yelps all over the punky guitars and danceable drumbeat.

The Weeknd - House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls
This grungy 2012 R&B hit has it all - the thumping first half ("House of Balloons") to service your Halloween turn-up, and "Glass Table Girls," the equal parts dark and sexy wind-down to end the night with.

Metz - Acetate
Similar to some of horror's most infamous villains, these acclaimed noise-rockers attack this track with relentless force - leaving you shaken for the better after four good minutes of thrash.

Timber Timbre - Trouble Comes Knocking
Cue the stormy skies and tumbleweed rolling through Toronto's dusty streets - the rumble of this modern spaghetti western tune is enough to send chills down anyone's spine.

Crystal Castles - Plague
If you haven't yet dabbled in the "witch-house" genre, let these experimental electro vets be your introduction. Sure, there are subdued, atmospheric moments throughout "Plague," but as soon as Alice Glass shrieks over that distant choir and staggering synth, she takes it to a semi-terrifying place.

Cold Specks - We Know Who U R
While Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are originally behind this eery 2012 ballad, self-proclaimed "doom-soul" princess Al Spx does it justice with her spellbinding vocals.

Zeds Dead - Demons
This sinister banger (and modern "Thriller"-esque video) goes out to all those Halloween ravers fit to pull an all-nighter with some deep, creepy beats.

Death From Above 1979 - Right On, Frankenstein!
Here you'll find rock vets DFA 1979 cheering on one of literature's most grotesque science experiments and, in the form of frenzied, percussive punk - it works.

Austra - Spellwork (MNDR Nighttime Remix)
Between the chirps of xylophone and Austra mastermind Katie Stelmanis' haunting vocals, there's no doubt this ghostly MNDR rework is jam-packed with spellwork.

Weaves - Take A Dip
A colossal jam like this will rattle your speakers on any occasion, but this weekend, let Weaves' fiery rock crescendos tear the roof off your soiree.

What did I miss? Add your suggestions for spooky songs from Toronto bands in the comments.

Writing by Jess Huddleston / Photo of the Weeknd via Facebook.

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