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The top 5 tribute music nights in Toronto

Tribute nights in Toronto are important - sometimes it's just not enough to go out and hope you'll hear your favourite legendary artist played over the loud-speakers. Frankly there are icons that deserve more attention than a fleeting track woven into an X-Tendamix.

Every Halloween, Death to T.O. gets Toronto's favourite indie bands to play as temporary tribute acts to their musical heroes, and someday that Slayer party may reign in blood again.

Here are my picks for the top 5 Toronto entities that pay respect to the legends.

Can't Stop Esther/Jackson Family Values/Purplelectricity/GAGA 4 GAGA - DJ doctor BAGGIE
The sixteenth edition of the the Madonna marathon, Can't Stop Esther will happen this March to celebrate the release of her new album, Rebel Heart. Host DJ doctor BAGGIE also organizes tribute parties to the Jacksons, Lady Gaga, and Prince.

Smiths is Dead
First Wednesday of the month, you can drink to forget your problems while Morrissey reminds you about all of his (people eating meat, not having anything to wear, etc.). Smiths is Dead plays The Smiths and Morrissey exclusively, all night at Unlovable.

Steers and Queers: Night of a Thousand Dollys
Every year during Pride, revelers don their rhinestone and bolo-tie best and pay homage to the original Queen of Cuntry, Dolly Parton. Night of a Thousand Dollys features burlesque performances, a Dolly look-a-like contest, a full Dolly Parton choir, and of course lots of Dolly and God-fearing country played over the loudspeakers. Part of the Pride at the Gaystone event series.

Bjรถrk Party
The Beaver will be hosting their very first (and hopefully recurring) Bjรถrk Party this month. There was also a Bjรถrk karaoke event at Holy Oak that had passed by the time of this writing - also hopefully not the last.

Depeche Mode Party
The PANIC! retro parties at Velvet Underground have become an institution in Toronto, and regularly feature tributes to artists like Siouxsie & the Banshees and David Bowie with special 'spotlight' events. The latest installment of the Depeche Mode Party this May promises all-you-Gahan-dance with originals, remixes, and requests all night.


Tribute bands at The Linsmore Tavern
The Linsmore Tavern has come a ways since this review - new management, new TV's, and new beers on tap. Tucked into their monthly schedule of dad-rock bar bands and blues jams are recurring live-band tributes to Tom Waits, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, and The Police.

What did I miss? Leave your suggestions for your favourite tribute nights in the comments.

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