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This Week in Music: New Drake, Hua Li, Gay, Graze, Greys, The National, Nadja, Picastro, PUP, Bile Sister

This Week in Music rounds up the latest news, releases and concerts coming to Toronto.

Drake drops new tracks
This week in Drake, Toronto's soft-hearted, hot-headed rapper is tiffing with Jay Z, which sounds like a boring pastime to me. He dropped two new tracks in two days, one of which ("Draft Day," the dissy one) samples Lauren Hill. That should ensure that the track is a cool listen but it's really not. There's a skit at the end too, oh boy. Since they're from Drake and not some Soundcloud random, both tracks are pretty bad.

Non-Drake new Toronto songs and vids

Greys - Guy Picciotto
Wow! This track is loud and it sounds like it was recorded at a swimming pool! I like both those things (sincerely).

Graze's Boiler Room Toronto Live Set
Not a music video, just Graze doing their thing in the Boiler Room. They look so happy. I'd actually compliment that Cool Goth shirt if I saw a stranger rocking it on the TTC, and I don't talk to strangers.

PUP - Lionheart
Remember that totally crazy PUP video? Here's a new PUP video. It's about a gross highschool party. Possibly in Winnipeg? Ah, memories.

Digits - Keeping Secrets

Gay - Another Green Stitch
Here are the top Google search results for is anyone in the band gay actually gay? which are possibly more interesting than the answer to that question. Or the band! Fun times and chill summer vibes here in this track.

SlowPitch - Robotic Rain Cells ft Shikha
SlowPitch has collabed with Toronto singer Shikha, and while it's not as creepy and futuristic as I'd like it to be, it kinda sounds like a song that could be on Dawson's Creek during a scene where several cast members have ingested psychedelic substances and some serious things (this is Dawson's Creek) go down. You can download this trip-hoppy track for free.

Nadja - Dark Circles
From their new album Queller, this video is made from pieces of Brazilian short film Glauco, Glaucio & Chavez. The video actually doesn't do the song justice but you'll enjoy this if you're into slow moving ambiguity (and if you've slept on this track, wake up).

This week in Bandcamp

  • Nadja have finally released Tangled, their "grindcore" 7" (grindgaze?). Availability is limited, so jump on this one.
  • Rory Hinchey's band Alpha Strategy have a new release, Thread, which captures what they're up to lately with the full band. It's swaggery.

This week's hot tickets

The National
Three dates to get intimate. Typing "intimate" below "The National" made me think of my parents. Therapy. If you don't have to save all your money for therapy (or maybe indie rock is your therapy because you cry? We are all united in our different-ness), Craigslist is the only place you'll find tickets for these dates. April 9, 10, 11, Massey Hall, sold out.

Picastro supporting their new LP You at Cinecycle April 9, presented by Wavelength. Liz Hysen's quintet for this brief tour will include Nick Storring, Clarke, Matthew Ramolo (of Khora), and percussionist Germaine Liu. Read our interview with Liz Hysen here. It promises to be an enchanting evening - musical performances are billed with film screenings, $5 Steam Whistle, popcorn, and more (read about the line up here). Wednesday, April 9, Cinecycle, (129 Spadina), $12.

L'homme et le ciel - PWYC Opera Preview
"PWYC" looks weird next to "Opera," but that's fitting enough since this is an electro-acoustic performance presented by FAWN Opera & New Music. This will serve as a preview to all the work the two groups have been doing along with three singers, a six piece ensemble, electronics and a responsive multi-media set. Friday, April 11, 8pm, Ernest Balmer Studio (55 Mill St, Toronto), pwyc.

The Dirty Hustle w/ Skyler & Hua Li
Oh, what is this? Rappers Hua Li (化力) (Montreal) and Skyler (Berlin) will perform live at The Steady on Saturday night. Watch this video and you'll know if you need to be there. There will be $4 Red Stripe & Booty Drops plus a dance party to follow, naturally. Saturday, April 12, 10pm, The Steady Cafe (1051 Bloor St. West), $2. (It's seriously $2).

ZONES, Bile Sister, Nick Persons, Doom Tickler, Fleshtone Aura
This local gig will be literally in a separate universe from the chain. Doom Tickler watches two hundred hours of throat singing Youtube videos every month and growls over the pop production she makes in her swanky east end loft. Bile Sister is killing it lately with her new full band which hasn't managed to damage her wavy psych sound -- the opposite, in fact. I've exhausted the space I have to talk about this show, but check out all the artists online. Saturday, April 12, May Cafe, $7.

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